Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fragments

Yikes, how can it possibly be that each week I can come up with so much scattered jibberish?  Visit Mrs. 4444 to check out other Friday Fragments.
  • Thanks to everyone for their kind words on my attempt at beauty.  Now go out and buy yourself a salon quality hair dryer.  You won't be disappointed.
  • Octomom is nuts.  I have heard others refer to her as Octopussy, but I am just too much of a lady to use that kind of name calling. (OK, maybe not.)  If she gets any more air time from NBC I am going to have a fit.  If she gets a reality TV show, I promise to boycott whatever channel that airs that nutjob .  I can't believe I haven't written an entire post on her, but honestly, I don't even know where to start and I am afraid my blood pressure would rise to the point that my blood vessels would explode, leaving a bloody mess all over my office. 
  • I hope Octomom's infertility doctor is revealed to be the quack I think he must be.  However, I don't need to hear the entire process of discovering he's a quack.  Just investigate and then let the public know the final results in a summary of it all.
  • I recently purchased a ticket to go see the five Oscar nominated best movies all in one day.  A small group of us are going.  The first movie starts at 10:00AM and the last one starts at 9:45PM.  I have already seen three of the movies.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing The Reader, which I haven't seen yet.
  • My husband and I went to see Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood.  Honestly, I think that is the best movie I have seen of my recent movie going frenzy.  It was nothing like I thought it would be and I really would like to see it again.  So many good lessons in that one.
  • I know there is a recession, but I do believe most people in my neck of the woods are in denial with me.  MG and I went out to dinner prior to seeing Gran Torino.  We ate at Maggiano's - an Italian chain restaurant (We usually avoid chains, but it was at the mall and then we could walk to the movie.  We also had a gift card.).  We got there about 5:45 on a Saturday and there was a two hour and 15 minute wait.  HELLO?  I thought people were cutting back?  Apparently not, or maybe they are no longer dining at $100+ restaurants and have cut back to the $50 restaurants.
  • Did you see I am up to 37 followers?  Welcome everyone!  Check out the followers and go visit them if you haven't "met" them before.


  1. How neat is that that you have the opportunity to see all the movies at once!? Am jealous.

    The 'Rents saw Gran Torino, and you're right, it does sound like it wouldn't be worth it but totally is. I can't wait to see it.

    As for followers, ya know I'll follow 'til the cows come home! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm fed up with the baby lady too. (I resist calling her Octamom because I have a blogging friend with that same name. I wonder if people are going to her blog thinking it is the crazy lady.) Anyway, I hope that doctor continues to get raked over the coals. What a quack.

  3. The question I have re: Octomom is WHO really paid for all the fertility treatments and the delivery? Did she have a secret, back room deal with a sleazy t.v. exec? And the fertility Dr. should have his ass tarred and feathered for being such an unethical, money hungry dummass!

  4. I am kinda sick of the octo-mom story too! Just investigate, and run conclusion story -I agree!

    Wow many followers! I am about to be number 39 I believe!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Hey! You are up to 39 now! Loved your fragments. :) I am in total agreement about the Octomom. Whack.

  6. What a great idea about your movie day - I want to do that too!! But who would watch my KIDS?? Yikes! Also I am with you on boycotting any station that gives Octomompussy a reality show. I'll join with you on an official boycott (with a blog button and all) if that happens.

    Off to read your first post...

  7. I'm always surprised when I drive by the restaurants here, no matter what time of day, how packed they are, especially when I think of how many meals I could actually prepare for my family for the cost of what two people might be able to eat out for.

  8. You've spiked my curiosity about OctoMom. Who is she?
    People in my neck of the woods don't seem to be cutting back either. Go figure.

  9. humph to Octomom....

    I am so jealous. Five movies. One day.

    Saying hello to all of Mrs4444's random'ers :)

  10. Octopussy (I am not afraid to say that!) looks way too Angelina Jolie to me...just sayin...They have reported that she is obsessed with her..that in itself should be reason for concern re: her children. My blood pressure boils too whenever I hear her mentioned.

    I hear ya on the whole 2 hour wait thing! Happened to us last week during a normally slow lunch hour! What's going on??

    Love your blog and now it looks like your up to 39 followers! Hooray!

  11. something seems amiss with the whole octomom/NBC relationship.

    do you get a chance to stand up and stretch your legs between movies or do they just run them back to back? i am not sure i could handle that, although that's kind of my plan this weekend... except on the couch with whatever is on cable.

  12. There was a huge op-ed piece in the LA Times today about how f-d up the US is because the media can't get enough of stories like the one with OctoMom. She is a narcisstic crackpot who claims she's going to support her 16 children when she finishes her master's degree in counseling. She should counsel herself and get the hell off the TV. Wow this was cathartic!

  13. Let me respell....narcissistic...

  14. I am jealous that you can go to five movies in one day! With my luck, I'd sleep through three of them.

    Totally with you on the whack-job octomom. Never going to watch anything with her on it. Ever.

    Terrific fragments!

  15. Octomom is dring me nuts too! Seriously! That woman. And the whole plastic surgery thing. Um, yeah, you did have plastic surgery. Normal faces don't move like that!

  16. Wow-You really unloaded on this one; nice. I would love to do that movie thing! I look forward to the recap post.

  17. agree with you on crazy Octomom!!! and Maggiano's is THAT good!!

  18. MmMMmmMm... Maggiano's *drooling* Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Oh, and eat some chocolate. It helps me calm down whenever Octomom comes up on my tv, maybe it'll work for you too.

  19. Gran Tourino was really good! My Hubby and I recently saw it and both really liked it.

    Octopussy drives me batty. I have way to much to say about her! FREAK!