Friday, January 9, 2009


I would have never guessed so many people had strikethrough issues. I guess it's true, whatever your problem is, you are never alone. There are always others struggling with the same issues. Maybe I should share some other issues I have and see what comes out of the blog world and into my comment box. How does your colon function? Anxiety issues? SAD (self-diagnosed) and adult ADD (self diagnosed)? What about those "issues"? Anyone?

So, in case you were wondering about those strikethroughs and didn't get the opportunity, for whatever reason, to read through the comments section from today (and I will assume you REALLY WANTED to read through them but for some reason, just didn't have the time to get to it), here is the coveted strikethrough secret: <> with the letter s in between the brackets, type your word (not in the brackets) and then type <> with /s in between the brackets. I will try to do it here but will add some spaces so you can see what it sort of looks like <> strikethrough < /s> . (In this example, I can't get the "s" into the first set of brackets without it messing up, but you should type it there.) So don't put the spaces in where I did and you will end up with this. Good luck!


  1. so can you do this in your compose window or do you have to do it in the html window?

    thank you for the strikethrough support and love. i am so glad i am not alone. and i, too, am a self-diagnosed SAD sufferer.

  2. solving the world's problems- one step at a time!

  3. Deb, I do this in compose mode.

    Tena, I can only hope to solve the world's problems. I'm starting easy with the strikethrough solution!

  4. oh good.. maybe I could use this tr strike through all of my bills? NO? Oh well.. it was a good fleeting thought

  5. I always for get how do do it and when I want to I have to google it. I google everthing!
    I just need to start a list and keep it by the computer.
    I have diagnosed myself with ADD. Glad I'm not the only was that self diagnoses(is that a word?)