Monday, January 5, 2009

A pulse and facial hair

Did anyone watch Desperate Housewives last night? I actually laughed out loud. I don't often do this while watching TV. I smirk, I smile, I might even utter a "ha!" when something is funny, but it's rare for me to bust out laughing. Last night on DH, it happened. Susan went out with Lee (who's gay in case you don't watch the show) and they got drunk and woke up together in Susan's bed. Susan thought they had done the nasty. Then Bob, Lee's boyfriend, visited Susan to make sure Lee had really slept at Susan's and not gone home with some guy from the gay bar. Then Bob made the comment about Lee getting drunk and "banging anything with a pulse and facial hair." The comment was really funny, but it was just as funny that Gabby was in the background and she was cracking up because Susan had just told her she had slept with "a friend". In the end, Susan confronted Lee who was rather shocked that Susan thought he would actually sleep with a woman and no, they definitely did nothing but share a bed. Anyway, I am still chuckling at that scene.

I guess my mom has recovered from her hissy fit. We had dinner at my brother's yesterday for my nephew's 14th birthday. She seemed fine. Until the next fit at least. I know there will be a next one (and one after that, and one after that...) because I am not one to cater to her bossiness.

The kids are back to school, CJ and I have been on the couch vegging all morning and now I need to take a shower. It is almost 11:00 and he has to be to school at 12:30. I may come back home and get right back on the couch. It only took us about two days to get into sleeping in mode and now it will take me a good two weeks to retrain my body for the 7:00am wakeups. Yuck. I'm ready for summer, but for now I'll just focus on Spring Break.


  1. I could BARELY drag my self out of bed today! You & I are thinking on the same wavelink...dreaming of summer and sleeping in. It's such a grind having a high schooler, staying on him to stay on task, study, stay organized.
    Guess I'll focus on that Spring Break visual...

  2. Hey chicky! Love the new look and you still have the best taste in music! I'm right with you on trying to get back in gear with the school schedule. Time for me to hook back up my coffee IV!

  3. Oh geez I'm with ya. This morning was a shock to the system and I have still have so much cleaning to do and instead I'm sitting her blog surfing!! Yikes!!

  4. I'm jealous you got to watch DH. It's a season late here.
    We spent the day in our PJs!