Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

It's 2009. Hard to believe. I remember as a child asking my mom "will I still be alive when the year 2000 gets here?" It seemed so "futuristic" in the 1970's. I hope everyone had a fun (and safe) time ringing in the new year. We went to a party at the house of good friends. Sara was my roommate through most of my college years. Though her now husband was not officially a college roommate, he did live across the street from us. Oh, I could tell stories. But I won't. For each story I could tell about Sara, she could tell two about me. I am sure there are more about her, but I just can't remember them because I was usually in an altered state of mind whenever she was acting up.

Compared to the stories I am reading online and the drunk dialers who called me from Kansas at midnight Eastern Standard Time, my evening was nothing compared to others. My drunk dialing friend didn't even make it to midnight Central Standard Time. I hear there are pictures. My recent hangover from our Holiday Party is too fresh in my mind and just the thought of vodka, or any other alcohol, makes me dry heave, so I drank iced tea all night. I can't shake a hangover like I used to.

Here are some photos from our party:

Lucy, MG and lots of firecrackers.

Ringing in 2009.

2009 enters with a bang!

Party kids.

Lucy and Sous Chef

Me and MG


  1. Be sure to check out Scandalous Housewife tomorrow....I think Scandy may be recovered enough by then and have pics up of our shennanigans.

    Oh, if we had only had firecrackers! That would've been so fun! Unfortunately, it's illegal to do that here. :( Is it there? I was really hoping someone might have had some Roman candles...

  2. They are not legal here. We live on the edge... (ha!).

  3. Love the blakcmail photo of the stream of firecrackers..what exactly is in Lucy's glass...? :) Glad your New Year started off right!

  4. happy new year whoever you are...cause i really don't know who you are anymore - it's all so new and crazy over here.

    really - happy '09 - the new scene is great and i also hope it all works out after reading the backstory to your move.

    Your New Year's looks WAY more exciting than mine - but the kids are all too young...and we're too old...I'm the only one who saw midnight in our home. :-)