Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's that time again. Get your crazy, disjointed thoughts organized and join me and Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments.

  • We had three snow days this week. In a row. (And Friday is a two hour delay, which doesn't count against us.) That makes five for the year, which is our max, but only three were actually due to the snow. One day was because of Hurricane Ike, which resulted in 1.3 million people in our city and burbs without power. (This also resulted in the two following days being two hour delays.) The other day we missed? It was two Fridays ago and was because when we were having sub-zero temperatures, three high school boys broke into the transportation garage and unplugged all the bus heaters, resulting in the diesel engines being too cold to start the next morning! I guess that explains why they are not really called "snow" days but "calamity" days.
  • I was not aware that when there is an inch of ice falling from the sky that the DirecTV dish will freeze over and we lose service. I don't get it. Ice is CLEAR. How can it block a TV signal? I sent my husband out to de-ice the dish and voila, the stations were back!
  • I am kicking myself for not realizing until AFTER it snowed and iced several inches that we forgot to cover our patio furniture with that rather expensive winter cover I bought last year! The table should be fine. However, I hope the chairs make it through and we don't have to buy new ones.
  • I haven't mentioned followers lately. I'm happy to have broken the #30 barrier! Welcome to all you newbies. I hope I don't scare you off anytime soon. Anyone else want to come along for the ride? I'd love to have you join us.
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes for my husband and the kind words for my recent entries regarding my massage client, my paycheck and my friend, Beth. I appreciate everyone's support and good wishes.
  • I am really looking forward to February. My BFF told me she is putting all songs that have "love" in the title on her blog for February (which is a private blog or I would send you there!). I decided to do the same. We are not telling each other what songs we are using and we are excited to see how many of the same songs we have. We're weird like that. But hey, when you live 1/2 a world away from one another, you do whatever you can to have fun together.
  • Would anyone believe me if I said I have never watched American Idol, and have had no interest in it? It's true, until Wednesday night anyway. There was nothing else on TV suitable to watch with Big E in the room, so we caught the last 20 minutes or so. Can't say I'll be returning to the show anytime soon, but I will be curious to see how Rose Flack does. Not curious enough to watch each week, but maybe try to follow in the paper or ask around. At least now I can say I have seen American Idol, or at least 20 minutes of it. And here I was hoping I would go to my grave saying I had not ever seen the show. I can still say, however, I have never mowed the lawn. I'll work on taking that to my grave.
  • I'm still living peacefully in my world of denial about the recession I keep hearing about. I did finally decide if there is going to be a recession, then dammit, I am going to look good. So this morning, I am going to get a new hair color. Not the kind I do myself, but one by a real professional. I got my hair cut/trimmed on Thursday. This is what I am going for, only a few inches shorter. And believe it or not, when I left the salon, I had something very close to this in a shoulder length version. Now if I can only do it myself. My stylist said I can totally pull it off with the curl/wave I have in my hair. This is the color I am coming home with Friday morning, maybe a little more red. I am hoping that the cool hair will also result in perky boobs, great cleveage and flawless skin being flaunted in this photo.


  1. That will look hot! you go, girl!

  2. SMOKIN' hot! Sorry I was late posting today (don't know why), but I added your linky :) I'll be back later to read he rest of your fragments! :)

  3. i am jealous of your salon visits. it's making me rethink growing out my grey. the cut sounds adorable and i love red hair.

  4. Can't wait to see pictures of the new 'do.

    Debating about my "love" playlist - do I put all my songs on one playlist (which is at 23 currently - but not sure if there is a maximum) or mix it up over the weeks....hmmmm

    I will keep you posted on Rose Flack. Her dress reminded me of something you would wear...or have worn...memory from Longworth's...but you may not be able to trust those memories...just a little drunk

  5. Ha! When I get my hair cut and colored, I am always hopeful for the same thing! Hope it works for you, because I need to do the same thing. Damn the recession! I hit desperation levels with my hair this week.

  6. Your FF posts always encourage the longest comments from me...

    so 1.)we had 2 snow days and I'm proud that I made it- if I lost TV service, there would be eulogy on my blog now- just sayin'!

    2.)I hope your patio furniture is OK- that stuff is soo expensive, but it's not like we're in a recession or something.

    3.) on The AI front, friend, you watched a crappy night. Rose, wasn't se the hippie- she kind of sucked and got the sympathy vote to Hollywood- there's always one. Next week is "Hollywood Week" which is where you see who really has potential and who falls apart- the best part, in my opinion.

    4.) wow- do you wear plunging necklines like that too? Will we get to see your hair after with some kind of blurred out face- cuz if not, you're just a tease!

    That's all- happy FF

  7. Deb, let your hair go grey! I have pondered this for a long time. I kind of like my grey, but I need to do my part for the recession. Plus, I just need a change and that always means I do something with my hair or I pierce something. I gave up piercing a long time ago, so that leaves the hair.

    FADKOG, I'll keep hoping and so will you!

    Guam Mom, keep your stories to yourself.

    Tena, maybe I'll give AI another try. And the plunging neckline? You'll just have to wait for the photo!

  8. Love your fragments! We had 2 ice days this week. That was our max. We better not get anymore I don't want to go into the 2nd week of June.
    Can't wait to see your new hair do!

  9. Good luck on your hair salon visit. I hope you get great all over results and perky boobs too!

  10. I think that if I left the salon looking like Dana Delaney, I would go every day.

  11. So wait a second...did you happen to find out anything specific about how to disable those school buses???

  12. Hey, where did you get my picture? :)

  13. You and me BOTH and the mowin' the lawn thing. That's what kids and husbands or for. Or a cute young gardener guy!