Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fragments

Have lots of little thoughts going on in your head and don't know what to do with them. Join Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments.

Now, on with the show!

I was looking at my Google Analytics information and noticed someone from Climax checked into my blog one day. CLIMAX! Can you imagine living in CLIMAX? How do you get anything done? That must be a very happy place to live. I googled it, with some hesitation, because I had trouble locating it amongst all the bubbles on my Analytics map. I figured all kinds of creepy websites would be located. Did you know there are several states with a town called Climax? Colorado and Minnesota are two of them. I was able to figure out this particular blogger was from Wisconsin. Wow, maybe she/he can let us know what living in Climax is like? Or maybe the reader is pretty tired of the jokes and just doesn't want to discuss it any more.

Recently, I wrote about a bad experience I had at Moe's Southwest Grille. I submitted a complaint via e-mail and figured I would never hear from them. On Wednesday, I received a letter explaining my Moe's location is a franchise and they would follow up to make sure they were following the policies of Moe's. Of course, they never did say whether or not I could have used or could in the future use my coupon when ordering a kid's meal with my adult meal. They did, however, send me a $5.00 gift card.

When naming your blog, be careful what your initials are. Mine are UTI and when people refer to me/my blog with these initials , all I can think about is a urinary tract infection.

After all that excitement about learning how to use a strikethrough, I haven't used it once since. I am going to have to work on that.

A friend from long ago is now blogging. I've known her since my oldest was a bambino. She moved away, I moved away and we lost touch until she found my blog several months back. Check her out: Please Hesitate to Ask...


  1. LMAO! Soooooo I'm not the only one to call you UTI?? LOL Good I don't feel so bad!

    You think Moe's would have sent you more than $5 for the stupidity and aggravation.. I guess it's better than nothing. Have a great day!

  2. do you know that i haven't used the strikethrough secret ONCE! i remember thinking you were unlocking the gates of heaven by sharing... it just seems a little too labor intensive and stressful. or maybe i am just super lazy.

    now, off you harass your friend.

  3. LMAO!!!! I am a walking fri fragment and a mon,tues,wed,thurs,sat,sun fragment as well!!!

    I am dying about UTI!!!

    did you know that if you use blogger in draft the strikethrough is already on your post dashboard? LOL I remeber the excitment of learning the strike through as well!!!

    I ♥ You!

  4. Thank you! I sure love you and your family. So many good memories from the past.
    UTI-that is funny!

  5. Also, when naming a blog, don't go for the longest possible name you can think of, like I did!

    Glad you got some kind of feedback from the restaurant, but sheesh, they probably could have at least dropped you a $10 gift card!

  6. Oh, thank goodness. I have wanted so many times to abbreviate your blog when responding to your comments, but every time I think "UTI? Eeek. Better not touch that one." Now the cat's out of the bag! But don't worry, I won't indulge and use it anyway. Poo, as much as I would like to. :)

  7. I wrote a complaint email to Smuckers last week and got a terrific response (excellent customer service) and $6 in coupons. It pays to be assertive :)

    I would love to live in CLIMAX! (or at least to visit regularly! :)

  8. I called about a few defective Pull Ups and Kimberly-Clark sent me 11 bucks worth of coupons. :)

    UTI...I love it.