Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments - the day I can try to organize all my wacky thoughts into one chaotic post. Check out Mrs. 444's website to check out other chaotic bloggers.

  • I bought that new mascara, Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara. This was such new "technonolgy" for me - makeup that adds "tubes" to your lashes and extends them beyond their normal length? Are you sure? Well, I am a sucker for trying almost anything once, so off to Target I went and made the purchase. The results? I LOVE this stuff. It does lengthen, it doesn't smudge or flake and it's not thick or cakey like some mascaras. It's awesome! It does take A LOT of water to get the mascara off and I honestly thought I was losing a huge amount of lashes. I was afraid if I looked too closely, I would see my eyelids would be bald. As it turns out, it was just the "tubes" coming off and resting on my face and washcloth.
  • I love Facebook. I don't do all the "extras" that it allows, but it is fun to be in touch with people on a more regular basis. I have several friends from HS and a couple of college roommates that I am "friends" with. I like seeing their pictures and what they are up to. I don't have 1,000's of friends like some FBers do and I have actually turned down a request or two from people requesting my friendship. Yep, just more proof that I can be a bitch.
  • I lost a follower this week. I hope it wasn't the Lords of Acid song that scared them off. I picked that song because my BFF and I loved dancing to it at our favorite club "back in the day."
  • I think I should have been a meteorologist in my city, but first I would have had to flunk out of meterology school to hold that position here. I would have LOVED it if in my previous HR Mgr. job when I forecasted my staffing needs and hiring numbers, budgets for benefits and other department expenses, goals for the staff and other strategic planning that if I missed my mark I could have just said, "well, the wind shifted so..." In this case, according the weather man, we were under a winter weather advisory this week and expecting snow and ice during early morning and rush hour. Needless, to say, the "wind shifted" and all it did was rain.
  • I keep in very close contact with a group of friends from when we lived in the Kansas City area. We have our own Yahoo group and we even have a "name" for us, although my husband just refers to us as the Ladies Binge Drinking Group. I know the whole thing sounds corny, but we have so much fun and are such a support system for one another! Anyway, one of them recently commented she was waiting for "back fat" to be cute. I think we are all waiting for that. And I am sticking with my response to her that in this economy, back fat is a necessity. When all the skinny bitches are starving, we'll be feeding off of our reserves!
  • I'm amazed the plane crash on Thursday was as "minor" as it was. One of my greatest fears is crashing into the water by plane or car (or I guess by boat, but that seems less traumatic since you are ALREADY IN THE WATER!). And worse would be having my kids in the plane or car with me. My hands sweat just thinking about it. Whenever I have had to fly over the ocean, I have totally fretted that the plane would go down and I would be the only survivor, left as food for the sharks and other large fish. I am relieved to see that a water crash, at least by plane, was actually the best case scenario and maybe it would actually work out for the best.
  • Every time I open a jar of pickles or a bottle of Mott's Apple Juice I say, "how do old people get these things open?" And I am serious. What do the elderly due when they are thirsty for Mott's or craving that pickle? I think my hands are pretty strong, being a massage therapist and all, and I can't budge these lids. I don't have arthritis, either, so that's not an excuse. I do admit my upper body strength (pectorals, back muscles) are pretty pathetically weak, but still. Thank goodness I have that lovely Pampered Chef gadget that opens bottles/jar lids like a pro.


  1. lords of acid... i love it. ah, the old clubbing days. i was so alternative back then. i am not sure what made me think "wall dancing" was cool (maybe it was all the jet black hair dye).

    i was relieved about the plane crash, too... as i have my own fears (which ativan quickly takes away!) about water crashes. unfortunately, i think there might be a small difference between crashing into the atlantic and kind of floating lopsided in the hudson.

    i think they have jar openers for old people. doesn't billy mayes sell one on tv?

  2. Facebook is a bit addicting, eh? Great fragments. :)

  3. Saw you on Amy's blog....aren't you just loving this Ohio weather???? LOL

  4. You know it's bad when the local news station does an entire segment on why the forecasts can be wrong.

    Can we add flabby thighs to the list of places where fat should be considered cute?

  5. Love all your fragments! I can totally relate.

    P.S. Creepy mascara thing...I think I need some. Facebook applicaitons suck my will to live. Back fat for bad economic times--love it! Biggest fear=drowning, so the whole plane thing is a leeetle freaky (but glad everything went smoothly!). And ugh, I tried for two days to open a jar of salsa last week--TWO DAYS...old people could starve in that amount of time (I mean, unless they had back fat).

  6. OHHHh what a great FF post!!! I think we could be BFFs we have a lot in common

    one of my fav things is CG outlast lip stain it is rockin...

  7. Funny, so true about how hard it is to open the applesauce. Lately fruit cups are my enemy. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. You may be a bitch, but you're a cute one; I loved these fragments :) I like Facebook for keeping up with my large family (like my idiotic brother going to the hospital last night for frostbite-what a DUMMY!) That mascara sounds promising; I'll check it out.

  9. 1.)I'm going to try that mascara- I'll get back to you- trying to find one cheaper than my beloved Lancome, but nothing has lived up to it yet!

    2.)I have turned down some FB requests too. I'm quite certain that I didn't know them and that freaked me out!

    3.)I have noticed the 'losing followers' thing...I think Blogger drops people off some time- I have no idea why- but I used to take it personally until I realized that there were people that I used to follow that I was no longer and had to re-follow.

    4.)The back fat thing- genius- thanks for buying me a little time before I actually start dieting and working out again- when the economy is better!

    5.) I used to sell Pampered Chef and that gadget is a Godsend, no?

    So , sorry, this comment was almost as long as your post... just wanted to answer everything that came up in my mind as I read it!

  10. Came over from Friday Fragments. I'll have to check out your mascara tip. I'm trying to find one that doesn't give me 2 "black eyes" by mid-day. (Something no one seems to notice but me when I catch a glimpse in the mirror!)

    I am also in Ohio(with 3 boys)! Hope you are keeping warm....and sane!

  11. Deb: I was more of a purple/burgundy haired girl. Great, now I am still panicky about flying over the ocean. I will go on thinking the Hudson=ocean.

    Carla: Yes, PLEASE let's add flabby thighs to the list of "cute".

    Sassy Britches - Back fat saves lives for starving old people who can't get their food open. It's a fact.

    Georgie - I'll check out that lip stain! Thanks for the tip.

    Hi Tanna!

    Mrs. 4444 - Your brother must not watch the news to know frostbite sets in in ONE minute in these temperatures!

    Tena - Did you just call me a genius? THANKS!

    To the FF visitors - I hope you stop back!

  12. I can hardly open jars and I am far from elderly, maybe we should start a volunteer group to go from elderly home to elderly home and assist in opening jars...We could call it "Pickles Aren't Just For the Young"

  13. Hiiiiiii! I like your blog! CHEERS! Michele

  14. Flying over the ocean is really crazy when the airline has a video screen showing your flight progress. I actually enjoy it flying over land...but as we were getting closer to the Pacific I was getting nervous. And, it was so sweet when my 6 year old looks up at the screen and says "Look Mom, we are over the ocean". Thanks Honey! Now go back to your video game.

    Hope you didn't lose anyone due to LofA....GREAT SONG!

  15. I can never stay loyal to a mascara because I'm always trying to find THE one that I love the most. I'm going to look for this brand and give it a shot soon!

  16. Great Friday Fragments and loved hearing LofA. Takes me back to the punk bar at OSU called Mean Mr. Mustard's where we banged into everyone and called it dancing.
    I tried to do Facebook, but got overwhelmed. My neighbor down the street would tag me way too much! Couldn't keep up!

  17. I am so with you on the back fat thing. Oh - please add a big ass to that ;)

    I want to call up a bunch of my friends and let them know that we are the "Ladies Binge Drinking Group"

  18. I agree. The plane crash thing is crazy.