Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Fragments

My Friday Fragments for the week may be, well, fragmented. Check out Mrs. 444's website to find other bloggers doing Friday Fragments.
  • My New Year's Resolution remains the same as it has for the past few years - to try to keep my opinions to myself unless asked. I will never achieve this 100%, therefore, I roll it from year to year. I am better. I do find myself biting my tongue. But I also still find myself speaking before I think and my comments are out of my mouth before my brain can scream "STOP!" If you do ask me for my opinion, be prepared to hear it full force. I will try to buffer it some, but probably not much. Oh, and this blog is exempt from my New Year's Resolution. My resolution is also exempt from speaking out when someone is being hateful, hurtful, or degrading to others. I will not stand silently by while others are being mean.
  • I'm still out of sorts getting my old blog transferred to this new blog. Soon my old blog will be deleted and until then, I am going nuts not having it all wrapped up.
  • The after Christmas sales have been great! I have several new clothes to enjoy this winter.
  • I will be watching my blog stats closely for lurking family members.
  • I dread taking down the Christmas decorations. I hate that job and I hate the way the house looks so bare without all the greenery, lights and decorations. Hopefully my poinsettia plants will live through the end of the month, but that is probably wishful thinking.
  • In 2008, I saw FOUR movies at the theater: Juno, Caramel, Rachel Getting Married and Milk. They were each very good. I think that is a record since having kids. I usually have to catch them on cable or rent them.
  • When mentioning my husband's motorcycle, I forgot to tell how he went to Switzerland (yes, the country) to buy a tire. THAT'S how much he loves that bike.
  • I am not looking forward to my kids going back to school next week. Getting up at 7:00am is a pain in the ass.

Altered English Word of the Day

Tush - tooth (James Halliwell, Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, London, 1855)

Used in a sentence: My tush hurts, I better go see the proctologist, oops, I mean dentist.


  1. Psst. I gave you an award ;)

  2. Yes taking down the decorations SUCKS! I am delaying as long as possible until maybe the tree just disintegrates into a pile of brittle twigs.

    And yikes - the getting up early next week already has me yawning...

  3. Ooooooohh, I'm so jealous that they had "Milk" where you live! In keeping with your resolution spirit, I will refrain from giving my opinion (about the nasty people who did not allow it to be shown where I live), unless asked. :) Was it wonderful?

  4. Sassy Britches - I'm asking, I'm asking!

    It was a very good movie. I highly recommend it.

  5. Hi! Good to find you again. I'm looking forward to reading you under any influential agent!

  6. Hey, you forgot to add your post to Mr.Linky on Friday! I did it for you :) Switzerland, huh? I'm sure he loves you just as much, right?! I WISH I could get up at 7am! It's 5:30am for me tomorrow... :(