Monday, January 12, 2009

Cuckoo for cocoa puffs

Here I wrote about smelling like a Yankee Candle, thanks to the deodorant my hubby brought home from his employer. We get a lot of freebies, most of which I love, but occasionally we get some that I am convinced they are passing off to the employees because they miserably failed whatever test market they tried the product in. So that deodorant was Vanilla Chai, which as I said in my earlier post, sounded more like a fru-fru coffee drink and left me smelling like a candle.

So my flavor of (free) deodorant choice now is Kuku Cocoa Butter. Yep, now I smell like the beach, which may not be so bad and has me dreaming about spring break. And every time I see the label, I think of that ridiculous commercial with that rooster, or whatever kind of animal it was, screaming "I go cuckoo for cocoa puffs!" Remember that cereal commercial? Well, if you see me strutting around town squawking and clucking "I go cuckoo for kuku cocoa butter!" you know I have really and truly officially lost my mind. (Just in case you think I haven't done that already.) It will definitely be time to have me committed for that inpatient "rest" I am often in need of.

Altered English Word for the Day:

Feather: The rising of cream on the surface of a cup of tea or coffee. (M. Schele De Vere, Americanisms: The English of the New World, New York, 1872)

Used in a sentence: Roberta rather liked it when her coffee was served with a feather. (I wonder how she would like it served with deodorant, say vanilla chai or kuku cocoa butter?)


  1. my dog has a coconut spray we use on him- he smells like the beach, too!

  2. I love that scent! I'm pretty sure that's what I got in the package this year. Love the freebies!

  3. Oh, I want that!!! Coppertone is my aroma therapy of choice.

    How cool to get the party favors. Hubs works for a financial house - too bad he doesn't get samples.

  4. That sounds Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

  5. I'm guessing "Roberta" would be going cuckoo for her coffee then!

    How yummy to smell like the beach. Pause for my mind to wander...

  6. wow how fun that you get to try all this cool new stuffs! I am envious and feel free to send anything you dont like my way ;-)

  7. Deodorant? Did I miss something? Probably. Shit, Starbucks are doing something with deodorant, aren't they? They're always messin' with my mind....