Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sue? Melanie? Are you out there?

Recently, I posted about whether or not to give my sons' Christmas lists to my MIL. Historically, she has not asked about what the kids want, or what my hubby and I might want, and quite often, we end up with stuff we have no interest in, no use for or just plain don't like.

Well, last night she called to see what Sous Chef wants for his birthday, which is coming up. WHAT? Then ... hold on to your hats ... she asked what they wanted for Christmas. Seriously. She did. She said she didn't want a repeat of the x-rated dominoes she bought last year. (Last year, she bought dominoes for Sous Chef or CJ, I can't remember which child, that were of the characters from some adult Cartoon Network show. They weren't at all appropriate for children.) All I could think was that one of my SILs found my blog and is reading it and passing on information. I do have some MI and NC readers, one in the actual city where my SIL lives, so it could be. I have not ever given my blog information to family because I don't need any thing else to fight about, oops, I mean discuss with them (mainly my family) and I want to be able to vent about them when needed (both families). So, Melanie or Sue, if you are out there, I apologize right now that you have had to witness my cursing, political views and venting about both sides of my family. I don't do it often, but I do it when necessary. And I don't plan to stop when the urge hits me.

And I did fail to mention that my in-laws do always contribute a nice chunk of change to our kids college funds for special occasions - birthdays, Christmas, baptisms, first communions, etc. etc. We DO appreciate that and quite frankly, that is enough of a gift as far as my husband and I are concerned. That gift will NEVER be thrown away. Some day the kids will appreciate it, too. But right now, they are in that stage of appreciating what is in front of them at the moment.


  1. wow, I am inmpressed by the practicality of the donation to college fund- what I wouldn't give for that!!!

  2. What's gotten into mil's lately? Mine emailed yesterday too asked what the boys wanted for Christmas!

  3. Cool - can't wait to hear what the MIL decides to gift your kids...the dominoes sound so random!

    And yeah, that college fund stuff is where it's at! Although God knows who will really be able to ever afford college when the time comes - I've kinda given up. I beg my father-in-law to get in on that college fund scene and he would rather buy plastic toys that get oohs and aahs from the kids. I get it...

  4. My in-laws are pretty much the same. Both sets will contribute money to their funds, but at least my mom will ask what "tangible" gifts the kids need. My in-laws will give nice clothes, that are like 3 sizes too big for the kids (and my MIL knows better, she's a Tailor) or other crap. Sigh!

  5. Maybe this is proof that if you are patient long enough, old dogs CAN learn new tricks.

  6. So did you give her an idea of what they wanted? If so, how did she take it? Do you think she might actually give them something they want this year....

    the plot thickens.. I can't wait til Christmas to find out!