Monday, December 1, 2008

Meet some bloggy friends...

Mrs. 4444 at Half-Past Kissin Time included me in her Motherload Meme in her post today. (And thanks to Tena at My Therapy, who included me in hers last week!) . Thank you to both of you! I am supposed to choose a post and take the first ten bloggers who commented on that post. Reality is, I would be thrilled to get ten comments on one post. What would I do? I would probably faint dead away with excitement. I would like to think I don't have lots of comments because I really just started publicizing my blog in the last couple of months. Yeah, that's the reason. Sssooooo...I will just have to mash my comments together to TRY to come up with ten different bloggers who have left me comments over time.

And today is a great day to do this because I wasn't sure what I was going to blog about. I can't stop thinking about that poor Walmart employee who lost his life because our society has become one that tramples people to death so their precious darlings can have the season's most coveted toy and the parents can save a few bucks to get it. I wonder if those parents will say to their precious Susie or Stevie, "Here you go, oh golden child. Enjoy this Elmo. A man gave his life so you could have it and you SO deserve it." I think any and all people who can be identified on that Walmart video that did not stop to help that employee and/or were pushing their way into the store should be convicted and sent to jail for murder, homicide or whatever the proper legal term is for "you are a cruel and self-centered person and now your ass is going to rot in jail." It's events like these that make me think I should up the Lexapro just so I can cope.

Ok, on with the Motherload Meme.

My most recent entries that got ALMOST ten comments were Boys and their toys and Mommy Wars. And I'll have to throw in a couple of "extra" blogs from comments on other entries.
  1. ...for a different kind of girl - she's a silent suburban girl releasing her inner voice
  2. moms without blogs - where being a supermom is simply a state of mind
  3. mom of 3 crazy kids - she is a stay at home mom multi tasking like so many of us women these days! i think we can all relate to her.
  4. sometimes lucid - she'll keep you healthy with all of her yummy recipes and so much more
  5. La Mom - she's an American living in Paris and raising her family. She's full of all kinds of good gossip and a quick French lesson here and there.
  6. A Girl and Her Life - she's a desperate housewife who writes lots of funny stuff.
  7. Home of the Lazy Dog - she claims to be a rule breaker! again, another person we, or at least I, can relate to.
  8. My Therapy - not for the easily offended, but she will keep you laughing. She also mentioned me in a Motherload Meme, so I guess I am killing two birds with one stone today!
  9. An Apron Away from a Straightjacket - this ENTRY says it all
  10. The two Loras - Lora W. is my best friend who is now living in Guam with her hubby and kids and the Lora M. is a wonderful childhood friend who now lives in LA with her hubby and kids. Neither of them have blogs, but they leave me comments and/or send me e-mails in response to my blogs and I love that!

Wow, I actually came up with ten, even if they weren't all from one blog entry!

Part 2 - 10 blogs, 15 Questions

What is your favorite post from #3's blog? I'm kind of new to her blog, so I don't have a favorite. I got a kick out of her recent update on her laser hair removal process.

Has #10 taken any pictures that have moved you? Well, Lora W. has been sending me pictures of her new stomping grounds in Guam. They are beautiful. Here's one:

Does #6 reply to comments on her blog? Sometimes

Which part of Blogland is #2 from? Los Angeles

If you could give one piece of advice to #7 what would it be? Maybe she should start trying to stick to the rules more! Well, maybe not. That's not really any fun. :)

Have you ever tried something from #9's blog? No, but I'm thinking I might be due for a straightjacket any day now.

Has #1 blogged something that inspired you? She left me a comment one time that made me re-evaluate whether or not I should leave the lights on while having sex. I still haven't managed to do that, but at least I am considering it.

How often do you comment on #4's blog? As often as I can.

Do you wait excitedly for #8 to post? Oh yeah. I can always be guaranteed a good pick me up when reading My Therapy.

How has #5's blog changed your life? She gives a lot of good and humorous "inside" information about life in Paris. I have visited Paris, but never lived there. Being a tourist vs. being an expat living there are two very different aspects of the city, and it's residents!

Do you know any of your 10 bloggers in person? No, but I think I would get along with them. Hell, who wouldn't get along when you are sitting around with good drinks and good company?

Do any of your 10 know each other? I am not sure. Julia and Lee maybe?

Out of the 10, which updates more frequently? I am stealing Mrs. 4444's response and making it: Does anybody really care about this question? I think it's a dumb one, so I'm changing it to Which of these bloggers do you think would tell you if you had spinach in your teeth? Tena at My Therapy (she'd probably say something along the lines of "hey, what's that green shit between your teeth?).

Which of the 10 keep you laughing? Actually, they all do at various times. That's why I keep coming back.

Which of the 10 made you cry (good or bad) tears? Lee at MWOB recently had a guest writer who wrote about a very traumatic time in her and her family's life regarding the birth of a child.

For those who want to pass on the Meme, go for it. Otherwise, just enjoy.


  1. Yeah, glad to see you did it! Hard work, right? "not for the easily offended"- thank you. And you're totally rigth about the spinach between your teeth- you know me so well! I'm impressed!

  2. I was surprised to see me mentioned in your post. So cool, I feel so special;)
    I don't know if I could do a post like that, I don't get many commenters on my blog, usually my posts are just ramblings of my crazy, but dull life.

  3. what a great post! I was tagged for this awhile back and i am so far behind in my tags...yiyiyi

    if I can find your follow me thangy i am will follow you right away LOL I am slow and dingy
    ty for stoppin by

  4. Who are you for doing this Pulitzer Prize worthy meme of a motherload? That was insane! That must have taken HOURS to put together - at least for me it would have.

    And just to clarify - I don't know Julia - but I'm thinking there may come a time when we need to meet and party together at one of those Russian restaurants that she hangs out at.

    Nice job on this but I will NOT be taking on the motherload challenge.
    ; -)

  5. Wow...I am honored to be one of the Loras you love and I was MENTIONED in your top 10! I love keeping up with you and your wit as I have for practically my whole life. I wish I could find the time and energy to blog....but I just try to keep up with you and the ones you follow. Keep up the great writing! I'm cheering for you out here in Redondo Beach!

  6. Sticking to the rules? Totally not fun! Thanks for the shout out!