Sunday, December 14, 2008

It ain't a party until someone breaks a wine glass and spills red wine all over the light colored carpet!

After an entire day on the couch, in my pj's, unshowered, I am recovering nicely from our (Almost) Annual Holiday Party we had on Saturday. I have determined having a dessert party is in my best interest because I am not a huge fan of desserts. I had one piece of my Creamy Lemon Supreme and that was it!

I made up for it, however, by consuming enough alcohol to be the equivalent caloric intake of three dozen deep fried twinkies.
The signs above the liquor area were put together by my husband. I had made cute little tags for the desserts so people knew what they were eating.

There were about 40 people who attended and we had three tables full of desserts. There was only one casualty which was the breaking of a wine glass. Our friend managed to do it in a location of the house that resulted in three rooms being splattered with red wine - two carpeted and one tiled. Did you know that white vinegar takes out red wine stains? The resulting smell was less than desirable, but the wine came right out and the party continued on around the cleanup.
It was the perfect number of people and remained nicely spread out between the basement where people were bowling on the bowling alley and watching the Crosstown Shootout game (University of Cincinnati vs. Xavier University basketball) and upstairs where the food and drinks were.

This is a picture of MG and I as the party was getting started. I think whomever took this picture was already drunk because it's a little blurry. Yes, that's the same top and sweater I wore in our Christmas photo. I bought it to wear for the party and decided the day of the picture to wear it for that, too!

Here's the pear pecan sour cream cake. It also makes a great brunch item and is very yummy with whipped cream.
A good time was had by all and we've already had several requests to throw this party again next year!


  1. You have a bowling alley in your house???

  2. Desserts and booze?! BEST PARTY EVER!

    If you can hit three rooms with a spilled drink, that's surely a sign of a great time, and it certainly looks like it was!

  3. The pies look so pretty and one casualty is not so bad... your husband a little anal, is he,? labels? sounds like me.

  4. WOW You had a lot of people. More power to ya.. I hate entertaining. Glad to see you recuperated and showered ... nobody likes a stinky blogger ;P

  5. What a party -wish I woulda been there spilling wine on your carpet! Maybe next year...

    I can't believe you can refrain from desserts. Lucky you!

  6. I LOVE it that your husband made labels for the booze; that cracks me up. V. creative.

    I am enthralled by the pear pecan sour cream cake.

    And you're too cute to make sure we all knew that YOU knew that WE knew that you were wearing the same top as in the X-mas photo. You're gorgeous no matter how many times you wear it!