Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments is a great time to "get all the little stuff" out of your mind and into your blog. No coherent theme needed. Just let the thoughts flow! Check out Mrs. 444's website to find other bloggers doing Friday Fragments. And check out her blog. She'll keep you entertained.

  • I'm up to 18 followers. Welcome to all of you! I hope you enjoy your time hanging out here at my place.
  • My oldest son learned the hard lesson this week that when the government fucks up, it's the people who have to pay, literally. Our subdivision is having issues with the drainage system that was put into our subdivision when it was built. (Our house is only four years old!) There are so many layers to this issue that I can't even go into it here, but suffice it to say the builder and the township failed miserably at their jobs and now the residents are going to have to pay to get it fixed. Total cost is currently estimated around $400,000. And that figure grows as the local government drags its feet and the damage worsens. As Big E said, "What? We have to pay for something that wasn't our fault and was a problem before we even moved here?" Welcome to the real world, young man!
  • And on the above note, if I hear any other homeowner of the areas surrounding my neighborhood refer to the residents of my neighborhood as "rich bitches" one more time, I am going to have to hunt them down and whoop some ass. (And believe me, I have no doubts about my ability to kick some ass.) How dare you refer to me as a rich bitch. You do not know anything about me or my financial situation. Maybe my parents or in-laws bought this house and everything in it. Maybe my husband and/or I are trust fund babies. Maybe we are living in hock up to our eyeballs and are just waiting for the government to bail us out of our morgtgage. Or maybe, just maybe, my husband happens to have a career and an employer that provides an awesome salary and benefits that allow us to live a comfortable life and may or may not qualify us as "rich" in your eyes. I will not apologize for having a newer, bigger, more expensive house than you do. And secondly, you don't know if I am a bitch or NOT. But I CAN tell you this - if I AM a bitch, I promise you, it has nothing to do with my financial status and everything to do with "who I am". Money is not a factor in my bitch status. And thirdly, I would beg to differ about who the bitch is. I don't think I have ever referred to you or your neighbors in a derogatory manner based on your finanical status or any other superficial traits. Based on your behavior in the parking lot, however, I think you are giving this bitch a run for her money.
  • More massage therapy client tips: if you must answer your phone prior to your therapist entering the room, please make sure you have on something more than your scivies. I really don't care to see you standing there in your underwear and socks while talking on the phone. If you must talk while being undressed, get on the table UNDER the sheets to continue your conversation. And when you are finsished with your call, turn OFF the cell phone. No, vibrate does not count as "off."
  • Recently, I blamed any potential holiday weight gain on these:

    but now I am starting to think if I gain that universal three to five pounds, it might be from these:

    Thanks, Michelle, at An Apron Away From a Straitjacket. She made my recipe of Jewish Jelly Rolls (I'm still not sure what makes them Jewish!) and her picture is way better than mine, so I swiped it! I can't stop munching on these and have had to make two more batches than I originally planned. For some odd reason, they keep disappearing from the freezer. Who? Me?
  • My middle son received a coconut in the mail as a gift. It wasn't wrapped in a box or anything. It was a coconut wrapped in festive cellophane from Guam. OMG. This kid will not put this coconut down (that sounds kind of naughty!) and he couldn't wait to take it to school to show everyone.


  1. Sorry about the drainage issues... I have heard about problems like that in our area on the news- good luck.

    The people that call you 'rich bitches' are just totally jealous- plain and simple. I was called a rich bitch when I was a kid- my step dad had money- I WAS NOT RICH! I hated the judgement and rush to guessing what I was like. But now, I'm back to being poor, but I won't call you a rich bitch, don't worry.

    A coconut?

  2. I would just take "rich bitch" as a compliment. It's got a nice ring.

    The coconut has given me some ideas on what Santa will bring my kids.

    Happy Friday.

  3. Blogging Under the InfluenceDecember 12, 2008 at 11:51 AM

    Tena and Lee - I can hook you up with a coconut if you need one.

  4. I will throw the Aleve out as soon as you find me a dealer- I mean dr. to give my some vicadin- I could use the mood adjustment!!! BTW, your e-mail link comes back undeliverable.

  5. Love, love, love the rich-bitch rant. When we lived in update NY (in a nice neighborhood), the (Jewish) woman across the street refered to me (behind my back) as "The Ivory Girl." Apparently, being freshfaced and cheerful was a bad thing. She always said it in a sing-songy voice. It really pissed me off, because she was labeling me (good or bad) based on knowing NOTHING about me. And the rich thing? We're in the "hock up to our eyeballs" thing and have no more expendable cash at the end of the month than anyone else. (I wouldn't mind living in a smaller house, actually.)

  6. Those chips always get me!! I love them!! Congrats on your followers!

    Stopping over from Mrs. 4444.

  7. Ha! I'm not sure I even want to see my husband standing around in his drawers talking on the phone, let alone a stranger! I don't have the stomach for it. ;)

  8. I had no idea you could mail a coconut! Although, I remember when I first found out you could mail live baby chicks, I couldn't believe that, either.

  9. I LOVE those chips too! Yum! I could eat way too many of those. My husband said his parents sent him a coconut when they went to Hawaii when he was a kid. That was in the 80's. Apparently you can still do it! Happy Friday!