Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fragments

Here are this weeks jumbled thoughts thrown together into one blog entry, AKA Friday Fragments. Check out Mrs. 444's website to find other bloggers doing Friday Fragments.

  • I changed my blog title to Blogging Under the Influence. Not 100% sure about it. I didn't change the blog site address though, I was afraid I would lose you guys. I'll see how/if I can do that without messing up everything! Any suggestions?
  • Thanks to Julia at Sometimes Lucid and to Sassy Britches for giving me the Proximity Award! I have received a few awards lately and have named a lot of my favorite blogs in passing them on, so I will just say "Thanks for noticing, reading, liking and awarding my blog, Julia!"
  • The entry "Do We Really Have a Bowling Alley in our Basement?" got a lot of responses. While the bowling alley/machine is really cool and we love having it, some of my favorite houses have slipped right through my fingers because the basement or the entry to the basement is not "bowling alley friendly". You should see the look on our real estate agents' faces when we are explaining to them our "needs and wants" for a new house and we try to explain how a basement needs to be "bowling alley friendly".
  • Follower number 19! Thanks for tagging along. Wow, will I ever reach 20 followers?
  • Nothing makes me smile quite like hearing my youngest son, who just turned five in October, sing "Go Tell It on the Mountain". We were in the car the other day when James Taylor's version of this song came on. CJ quickly said, "We sing this in school. But this guy sings it a little different than we do." He goes to a faith based preschool and apparently this is one of the songs they will be singing in their Christmas show (which is today!). He knows how much I love the song and every now and then he will hum it or sing it for me. It practically brings tears to my eyes (and that doesn't happen too often).
  • I was at our Community Rec. Center this week and stopped to read a sign about an upcoming event. Next thing I know, some sporty looking dude says "Do you want to measure your body fat?" HELL NO I don't want my body fat measured. I was a little more polite with my response, after all, it is a family friendly facility. He told me it would be motivation. Motivation for what, exactly? I told him it would make me go home and cry. And drink.
  • Under pressure from people like Lee at MWOB, I no longer require a security code to enter a comment. There, is that easier for everyone now? I didn't even know this was something I could opt out of! If I start getting wacky, crazy, spam like comments, though, I am re-hiring that security company.
  • I had to laugh this week when I wrote again about not being a touchy feely person. When I finished writing that paragraph, I thought "how on God's green earth am I a massage therapist? I spend hours TOUCHING people." And I LOVE to get massages, so I spend a lot of time GETTING TOUCHED. But this is so different than the touchy, feely, huggy type of thing I was talking about. When I give a massage, I am in control. When I get a massage, it is with a therapist that I have chosen and given "permission" to touch me on my time and my terms. The anti-touchy feely part of me surfaces when I see someone rushing at me with arms wide open whether I want it or not. (And Lee, I will do my best to not run in the other direction if I see you coming at me with those wide open arms! I might even hug back.)
  • I wonder why my BFF doesn't ever leave me any comments? She does send me e-mails in response to some of my entries, but I am just sure others would like to see what she has to say. Really, she is quite funny.
  • My laundry room smells like vinegar. You may have read earlier in the week about the red wine spill. The carpet has lost the vinegar smell, the rags and towels are smelling April fresh again, but my laundry room smells like vinegar. I have searched everywhere for a lost rag or towel, a paper towel in the trash can - anything that might be saturated with white vinegar. Nothing. The only thing I can think is that some was spilled on the laundry room floor. Am I really going to have to mop that floor? It's the laundry room, shouldn't it be a self cleaning room?
  • This week I had lunch with my friend, Stephen. I can't remember exactly what year we met, but I know it was around 1988 or so. We were then roommates after I graduated from college in 1990. When I met my now hubby and it looked like we might become a permanent item, I moved out so I could have some time living solo. I finally gave Stephen my blog address. It has taken me a while to be comfortable sharing this blog with good friends (not that you, dear readers don't qualify, but I don't have to look you in the eye on a regular basis!). I love hanging out with him. Maybe he will become one of my followers and even be a guest writer on occasion. He retold a funny story to me at lunch that involved my husband and some nudity that had me laughing until I cried. I offered my blog space for him to share this story and a couple of others. Stephen? Are you there? Are you going to take me up on the offer?


  1. Little kids singing, especially when they know you like it, is adorable beyond words. Bless Cecil's little heart.

    I'd hold out for the self-cleaning laundry room as long as possible.

    Yay, Stephen! Come out, come out wherever you are!

  2. Funny...I just read your comment on my blog and thought, "Her writing style is just like Kim." Then I click on the link and it's you! I love the new name and positioning statement. What influence are you under today?

  3. I just made it 20 followers!! Found you on the Friday Fragments page! Love your blog! Can't wait to get to know ya better! have a great weekend!

  4. Kim - cool new title! I was wondering who the new person leaving me a comment was :)

  5. First, I so LOVE to hear me some Willie Nelson as I clicked on your blog! And I love the new name for the blog. And lastly, some advice from a wino: pour white wine directly on red wine and blot. No vinegar, and the stain is gone! SERIOUSLY, it works like a charm.
    The F#*kin' Scandlaous Martha Stewart

  6. I would love to hear that story from Stephen! Also, I hope you will have a video of Go Tell It on the Mountain; it sounds adorable :)

  7. Your new blog name freaked me out a litlle, but I'll adjust.
    That's so funny that your a message therapist and you said you weren't touchy feely!

    Seriously, body fat? What woman WANTS to knoe that sort of information- especially this time of year???

  8. I like the title, it's catchy and something people will probably remember. Besides that, who's not under the influence, even if it is chocolate.

  9. Who says I haven't left a comment or two? I have. I will admit one was anonymous and the other was from BFF (or BFFL aka best friend for life--- can't remember which). It's been a while since I've left a comment, except today...I've left two.

  10. I think Blogging Under the Influence is Great!

  11. Stephen here. So the story is: Kim and I are sharing a townhouse in Over-The-Rhine, downtown Cincinnati, and I come home late one weekend night and make my way through the house, heading for the bathroom. The place is totally dark and I wasn't expecting to run across anyone at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and as I enter the kitchen, I'm somewhat startled to run across a man (Chris) in the kitchen, standing in front of the open fridge. Plus he's butt-ass naked. Which frightened me even more. Don't remember the exact exchange, but I think I said something like, "Jesus man. You scared the crap out of me . . . and how 'bout helpin' a brother out and puttin' on some pants!"

    So there's the story. Which still haunts me to this day.