Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am up to 14 followers. Who knew that just talking about followers would bring on more followers. Maybe if I resort to BEGGING, I'll get even more!

Today I would like to talk about my fetishes. Nothing kinky or weird, at least not that I am going to talk about here. I thought I only had a couple of fetishes - shoes and Coach purses. I would have listed shoes first. But reality slapped me in the face the other day that I have a coat fetish and I wasn't even aware of it. At least not until I saw this woman. I thought to myself, "damn, that is a cute coat." It did have a really cute thing going on in the back. She then turned around and I gasped, which I am sure made her think I had totally lost my mind, but that is really a whole other post. Anyway, I gasped when I realized "holy shit, I HAVE that coat." Yes, I was admiring a coat that I have at home hanging in my closet. A coat that I bought last year. I made sure to wear it the very next day. I am now committed to getting rid of a couple of coats. In the last few years I have bought more than five winter coats. That does not include the jackets I have purchased. And since admitting I have a problem is step 1, I think I will stop at that and just enjoy!


  1. LOL...if you are my size I would happily take any cute coats you have off your hands! :-)

    I guess I have a purse fetish a really bad purse fetish lol

  2. I definately have a shoe fetish! And very sadly, it's an EXPENSIVE shoes fetish :(

  3. I only WISH my fetishes were about shoes and purses....

    Kidding. Really.

  4. YOu're too funny.
    You can never have enough classic winter coats - just hope you have enough space for them!

  5. Make that 15 followers. When I saw your comment on I just KNEW I had to come check you out! Have you read Chelsea's other one "Are You There Vodka? Its me Chelsea." It is ALSO hilarious.

  6. You are so funny. I wouldn't get rid of your coats unless you just had to. But it's kind of sad if yuo are forgetting what you have. Maybe you do have too many.
    I kind of a a shoe fetish, but I don't care how much they cost, they are usually pretty inexpensive because I'm a cheapo.
    But I do have a ton of shoes, my husband probably has 4 pairs. Too bad for him!

  7. Sounds like it's time for an Intervention, Kim. But I could say the same about my blog-reading!