Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today I celebrate the four year anniversary of brain surgery number TWO. I am doing so well that I am happy to end this conversation here. If you want more details, go here and read #3.

Welcome to Suburbia Steph. She does not have a blog, but I am happy she is following mine!

It's rare that I render my mother totally speechless. We have very different views on politics, religion, society and more. We are very much alike in personality, which often results in repeated snarky comments back and forth until one of us gets pissed off enough to walk away before something really awful gets said. It's a lot of fun. We were having lunch earlier this week and she was off on a tirade about welfare and her closed minded view of those on welfare. She informed me, for the thousandth time, what all the guidelines for qualifying for welfare should be so she doesn't have her tax dollars going to support ways of living that she doesn't believe in. Blah, blah, blah. So her lecture then turns to drug dealers on welfare. My response was "and there you have a perfectly valid reason of why street drugs should be legalized. Not only would the dealers be gainfully employed and off welfare, which is what you want, but they would be tax payers, too!" She honestly just sat there and stared at me. She was probably thinking, "Oh shit. I can't even argue with that one." Though I thought for sure it would send her off on a tangent of her views on what is morally wrong with legalizing drugs and ending that war. Really, though, I think she was trying to figure out whether or not I was serious. And if any of you have any confusion about that, let me just state here and now, "yes, I really do think street drugs should be made legal." And my mom agrees, she just doesn't know it yet or maybe she won't ever admit it.

So it looks like I have three things to celebrate today: four years of feeling great, a new follower and rendering my mother speechless. Ahhh, life is good.


  1. YAY on your 4 yrs!!! Thats such great news

  2. Wow, that's an amazing story! Glad your feeling great and your good news all around!

  3. If you don't have your health you have nothing.
    Great news, glad to hear your are fine,and here's to another four years of the Kim&Co blog!

  4. Right on Kim. Wow - that brain surgery story was intense and I'm so thrilled that you're feeling 100% and can thrill us with your amusing posts!

    Health is everything....

    and yeah, I knew we would get along - I'm so for street drugs being legal it's not even funny. BUT I would never tell my mom that...

    :- )

  5. Congrats on all four. Maybe tomorrow bring you FIVE :)

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary. May you have many, many more years to celebrate.
    I, like you, think that most street drugs should be legal. Why is it that I can buy beer and get totally wasted and add to my already expanding waistline but not make hash brownies and get the same results. Its discrimination!!!

  7. Okay, I am a faithful reader, but I can't believe I missed this one! Quality.