Monday, December 8, 2008

Books a plenty!

I recently read MY HORIZONTAL LIFE: A COLLECTION OF ONE NIGHT STANDS by Chelsea Handler. Oh, and my husband read it, too. It is a good and funny read. Her other book, ARE YOU THERE VODKA, IT'S ME CHELSEA is funnier, I thought. Oh, and my husband read that one, too. He actually read the one night stand book before I did. The vodka book he was tempted to read because I laughed all the way through it and he had to see what was so funny about it. He laughed quite a bit, as well. It is not for the easily offended. She can be a little edgy and raw, but hey, what can I say.

Anyway, Ali at Home of the Lazy Dog got an award today that "required" her to get the nearest book, turn to page 56 and write the 5th sentence and then the 2-5 sentences following. I didn't get that specific assignment, but I decided to do it anyway. Here it goes, from MY HORIZONTAL LIFE:

Guys can be on the skinny side, but a rear is a special thing to me. Gavin's ass wasn't just flat, though. He had a pancake in the place of an ass. A shovel, if you will.

What a disaster. The sex was okay, but for some reason I lost interest ... or consciousness.

And there you have it. Check out her books if you want a deep down, good, off color belly laugh! Multiple times.


  1. so are offering to pass the books on? LOL I kid I kid...I LOVE Chelsea Handler LOVE her...guess I need to break down and get the books

  2. Consider yourself officially tagged!

  3. I looove raw. I'll be checking it out.
    PS- what's a meme?

  4. Let me just say that so far, with Clitter and a parody of the title of one of my favorite books in this post (Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret), I'd be hard-pressed to have dirty laundry about you!

  5. Chelsea Handler is a blast. I read Are you there Vodka... before I read Horizontal.. Vodka was MUCH funnier. I hope she rights another soon

  6. Chelsea Handler is hilarious. Have you seen those web shows, In the Motherhood? So funny!