Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another boy toy - UPDATE

UPDATE - I originally forgot to tag my four people, so here they are:

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I was tagged by Tena ... for the photo meme thingy. You take your folder in which you keep your digital photos, choose the fourth folder, then the fourth pic. Explain. Tag four people.

So here it is. I know you are all just dying to see what my picture is...

This is my husband's 1963 BMW motorcycle. He bought it online while we were living in Overland Park, KS. He flew to Chicago on a Sunday morning to pay for it and drive it home, which took him about 11 hours because he took the scenic route and enjoyed the ride on his new toy. I was with friends one time and the question was asked "what is one thing you would keep of your husband's if something happened to him?" At first I said his wedding ring but I quickly changed it to "his bike". And I would. I would encase it in a glass cabinet and keep it. He LOVEs this thing!


  1. You are one fabulous wife to do something like that! (not that we want anything to happen to him!)

  2. Wow, what a great wife. I would sell my husband's motorcycle since I am jealous of it :)

  3. Boy, that's a good question. The only thing I can think of my husband loving more in the world are our two kids, so that's easy. That, and maybe his little weather station next to his big Lazy Boy chair. Great question. I hope I never really have to answer it.

  4. I have mixed emotions about you keeping my motorcycle under a glass case, since the most likely cause of my demise that I can envision would have to do with a fateful incident between some idiot motorist and me on my motorcycle on my way to work or something. If this is the way I depart from this world, I would hope that you find some other antique BMW enthusiast who would look to restore and ride my most fabulous motorcycle, and that you wouldn't keep a mangled memorial to my final moment in the living room! Now, if I go some other way, please pass along the motorcycle (and bowling machine) to whichever son posseses the greatest amount of interest and mechanical/electrical aptitude. I think it would be fitting for memories of me to be carried along in my children by way of the wonderful machines I have restored, nurtured and cared for. Love you!

  5. wow I am behind on my bloggy reads...TY for the tag
    LOVE the layout!