Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Altered English

It's been a while since I left an Altered English word on my posts, so I thought I would give one today:

Pecker - 1. courage, confidence (John Wilkinson, Leeds Dialect Glossary and Lore, London, 1924); 2. the human nose, 'down in the pecker' - in bad spirits. (Jospeph Wright, The English Dialect Dictionary, London, 1896-1905)

Used in a sentence: 1. Keep your pecker up lads.
2. "God bless you, my dearest, and as Papa [Prince Albert] says, 'Keep your pecker up,' meaning keep up your spirits." (Letter from Queen Victoria to her daughter Victoria, 1859)

So on that note, I hope you all keep your peckers up at your New Year's Eve celebrations!


  1. Huhuhuhuhuh...she said pecker...

    My peckered ass is staying in bed. And I don't mean that in a dirty, naughty way. I'm ready to say Hasta la Vista to '08!

  2. Oh my, I can't wait to use this one ASAP!

  3. I wonder what definition the Urban Dictionary would use?
    I'll have to remember to use this one with my English friends!