Saturday, November 22, 2008

What the hell was I thinking?

We are having a holiday party this year, complete with chocolate martinis. (We have many non-Christian friends, so yes, we are calling it a holiday party. I realize the older generation, my mom specifically, would roll their eyes at this and give me a lecture about "when in Rome". But I am a more sensitive and enlightened person than that and I appreciate and embrace our friends' different beliefs.) Anyway, like so many times in my life, I have gotten off the subject. Back on now - we are having a holiday party. I put together an Evite for this and hit send. Then it hit me. I just invited approximately 140 people to our house. Seventy three invites went out, 99% to couples, so multiply that 73 by two! Holy shit. That's a lot of choclate martinis! We only had about 125 people at our wedding and that included family. I don't invite my crazy, non-drinking family to social events at our house if I can help it, so this is a "friends only" event. (Honestly, if too many of my family members are around, that's the BEST time to drink, in my opinion.) I did know a handful would not be able to come for a variety of reasons, so that takes the total down to 125. In the winter. No one will be hanging out on the deck or anywhere else outside except for a quick smoke. Our house is a good size, but I see this turning into the remnants of a crowded fraternity party! Maybe I should put plastic down on the floors. Do chocolate martinis stain beige carpet?

I specifically stated this is an adults only party on the invite. Many of our friends think when they get an invite for a party, that kids are included. I was raised that unless kids are SPECIFICALLY invited, it's adults only. So it has always perplexed me when I send an invite for a party that is clearly, in my opinion, for adults and people ask if kids are included. So, thankfully I did state ADULTS ONLY, otherwise I would run the risk of an influx of about 300 kids. That restriction may eliminate some ""I'll drink to that" responses since some don't want or won't use babysitters.

I have been receiving RSVP's already. Yikes.


  1. I haven't received my evite yet, but it sounds fun! I threw a Christams party one year- about 10 years ago- last time ever. I found that everyone is soooo busy during the Holidays that you get a lot of people that can't make it- or maybe they just lied and didn't want to come- whatever.

    I bet you'll end up having a controlable amount of people- if not I would say yes on the plastic on the floor.

  2. Blogging Under the InfluenceNovember 22, 2008 at 3:09 PM

    That was the same thing I told myself after I realized the number of people I invited. If you feel like a drive to Ohio, consider yourself invited!!!

  3. I may come from LA as well. What's the date? I'm simply too intrigued! I want to see how a mama like you prepares and handles an event like this! Actually maybe I'll bring a camera crew and turn it into a reality show...are you in?


  4. Blogging Under the InfluenceNovember 22, 2008 at 5:54 PM

    Oh yea, I'm in. As long as no one expects a 21st Century June Cleaver! I am my own version of Martha Stewart and Martha would NOT be proud. How do I prepare and handle an event like this? With a drink in my hand at all times!