Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What do I do with this information?

I received one of my first negative comments. You can read it here. I had to burst out laughing. This commenter, who decided to remain anonymous, thought it was important for her to let me know I must be intimidated by Sarah Palin. (Should I point out again, the writer remained anonymous? Who's the one who is intimidated? At least sign your first name!) To quote the commenter: "I can also understand why you are so intimidated by Sarah Palin. She is all of the same things you are, but also has a highly successful career." and then goes on to say, "You on the other hand, have decided to stay at home, blog on the internet all day while your children are probably at school and watch Oprah in the afternoons." Then she adds a little "But, just because another woman is more successful and ambitious than you, you should not hold this against her." I originally responded to her comment, but then decided to delete it and address here. Not necessarily to defend myself against this unknown source, but out of concern that I have totally misrepresented myself over time. And I can't have that.

So lest I have led any of you astray, I would like to point out:

  • If I were going to be intimidated, it would not be by another mom, whom I spoke highly of in the blog entry regarding her willingness to raise a family and run for office. And the positive impact that could have on her family.
  • I don't make it a practice to judge women by their choice of careers, whether paid or unpaid, or how families choose to parent, unless, of course it involves physical and/or verbal abuse. This is not to say I have NEVER judged, but I usually reserve any harsh judgements to those moms who I personally know and interact with and can see when they are failing miserably at being a good parent. My judgement, however, has NEVER been the result of whether or not a mom works outside the home.
  • I will not support a woman, or a man, running for office if I don't support her political views. I don't make political decisions based on gender, race, religion or other superficial nonsense. I don't even make it based on political party. I decide to support a candidate who supports the same views I have and who I believe is in the best interest of my family and our country. There is nothing I would like to see more than a woman as our President or VP. But not just any woman for the sake of voting for a woman.
  • Um, I have been a full time career woman and working mom. And I loved it. However, I was able to opt out and am thankful that was an area that I had a choice in. Not all parents get that choice. Many families have no choice but to be two income families. And most of my mom friends who do have careers do so by choice. I get it and I respect it. I'm am even a little envious on some days. Intimidated? Not. Because I have made a different decision does not mean I am intimidated by another who has made a different choice. Oh, and I do still work for pay, but in a career that allows me total control over my schedule.
  • And as for the part about "blogging on the internet all day and watching Oprah while your children are probably at school." Nah, I do that while they are in the other room watching Girls Gone Wild.

EDITOR'S NOTE: After summarizing this comment for my husband he nearly choked and spit out his gin and tonic. His response "Wow, whoever wrote that certainly has no idea what kind of person you are."


  1. Kim,
    Very nice response to your first negative comment. Not sure I would have been able to handle it all so eloquently.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. You made me choke and spit out my tea with the Girls Gone Wild comment. You've got a great sense of humor Kim!

  3. So you watch Oprah, then? For shame!!

  4. You simply made me choke!!!