Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three to five

If you were around a couple of weeks ago to read my Love/Hate post, you know how much I love food. Well, there is something that did not make the list. Not directly, anyway. I guess it could fall under:
4. oh hell, maybe i should just say ANYTHING WITH POTATOES

What is my new little slice of heaven? Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. All 7 grams of fat in a 1 oz. serving. On January 1, 2009, when I get on that scale and see that I have gained the traditional 3-5 holiday pounds, I assure you it will not be from overindulging on the variety of desserts we will be having at our Holiday Dessert Party. It will be from eating ANOTHER bag of these chips. I love the tart flavor of the vinegar and the saltiness of, well, the salt. The funny thing is? I don't even like potato chips that much. They are ONE potato item that would have never made it to the faves list. Until now. So I will chalk up three of the five pound weight gain to these potato chips and the other two pounds to all of the mashed potatoes WITH gravy, that I will consume this holiday season. And maybe the sixth pound to the dessert party.

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  1. Oh yes. Salt and vinegar potato chips. My downfall !