Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank the heavens above there wasn't a fire!

Last night, Sous Chef's school, which is made up of 2nd and 3rd grade, had a Burger Bash at Wendy's. Just a regular ol' Wendy's, the same size as any other Wendy's. Now picture 900 students and THEIR FAMILIES trying to squeeze in to the regular size Wendy's. That was how we spent our dinner on Thursday. We even went within the first 1/2 hour that it started thinking it wouldn't be too crowded. When we got there, all I could think was "Holy shit! Did people take off a 1/2 day of work to get in line early for this event?" It was packed. We did manage to get a table and by the time we left, the line to order and get your food was wrapped around the outer perimeter of the room and then wrapped into the center of the room. They were crammed in behind us while we were trying to eat. I kept looking around for the quickest exit in case of a fire and evaluated how hard it would be to take down everyone in my way so I could get my kids and myself out of a flaming building alive. My lord, with the french fryers frying away and the greasy hamburgers, all I could see was one big explosion and 100's of people trying to exit a building that really was only supposed to hold about 39.5 people. It is really a good thing the fire department didn't drive by. Now I totally understand why when I called my husband at work to remind him of this fundraiser, he said something along the lines of "Good god, woman, get there early. Go now and good luck. You can take them this year. I took them last year and I'm not going again. I'll get something to eat at home."

The good news is, the school must have made quite a bit of money from bashing those burgers. Sous Chef got a kick out of seeing his teachers working behind the counter and cleaning up tables. And I didn't see the news break in on the television to report massive casualties at a blazing local Wendy's.


  1. You must be in a small town.
    And I think the whole concept is just fab-u-lous.


  2. I'd love a good old American hamburger right now!
    I would have done the same thing - look for a fire exit.
    I love your "Bloggers I Stalk" sidebar. Tres creative!
    Bisous from Paris!

  3. It's great they had enough food for everyone. Had it been the Wendy's in our town, they'd have had to shut down 20 minutes into the fundraiser because they didn't plan for the crowd. Heck, they can't even plan for 20 customers! You're a trooper for sticking it out!