Monday, November 17, 2008

The Oil Cleansing Method continued

I have been using this facial cleaning method for almost two weeks now. I am shocked and pleased with the results. Being that I have somewhat oily skin and frequently find myself "powdering my nose" to keep the shine down, I am amazed that I am NOT having to do this anymore. Really. I swear. My skin is nice and dewy, but not at all shiny and grimy. Since I was expecting an oil slick as a result of this wacky cleansing procedure, I don't know what to think, except that I am going to keep doing this. I have had a couple of very small pimples break out, but they were gone almost immediately. Plus, I usually have that happen anytime I change my skincare regimen, so no big surprise. I made a mixture of 75% sunflower oil and 25% castor oil. My face was actually feeling a little dry, so I added a little more sunflower oil this weekend. I am also using sugar as an exfoliator, just once a week. It's very coarse at first, so don't rub too hard if you try it. Once the water gets on it and it dissolves some, though, it feels great. And when the sugar water gets on your lips? Yum, it tastes much better than any other skincare product I've had wander onto my taste buds!

The other thing I started doing about a week ago was not to wash my hair. La Mom just wrote that she also does not wash her hair. I'm in good company. And I hope she doesn't think I am tyring to steal her blog material! Don't worry, I'm not going all granola like on you people. I promise to still wear deodorant and lipstick and shave my legs and pits, at least during the summer or prior to a massage. I heard Dr. Oz say on Oprah that people wash their hair too much and it's BAD. I also have a couple of friends that use the Curly Girl Method and have beautiful results. They also have beautifully curly hair, where as mine is wavy and tends to frizz some. So I am doing a modified version of this by rinsing and conditioning my hair daily but not washing it. I still have to blow it dry though or else I end up with really cute curls in some places and frizz and waves in other places. I am having Big E give it a try, too, since his hair IS curly and quite coarse.

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