Sunday, November 23, 2008

He's a good husband.

It's rare I write about my husband here, good or bad, except for the occasional mention of him. But with it being near Thanksgiving and trying to stay focused on the good things I have in my life in order to squeeze out that cluttered brain issue, I thought I would give my husband a shout out here to the blogging community.
  • This weekend, without being asked, he changed all the sheets on all of the beds and made them all pretty. He even put all of our decorative pillows on the bed. In the exact order they belong!
  • He brought all the dirty laundry to the laundry room for me. No, he didn't wash the dirty laundry (though he does do laundry on occasion), but that's ok, because laundry is one of those chores I don't mind. I like to grocery shop, too. But this entry is about my husband, not me, so I can talk about that another day.
  • He, along with forcing the kids to help, without being asked, cleaned up the entire basement. Toys in their places, blankets folded, hide-a-bed folded back into it's house in the couch. and the cushions in place.
  • I should note while he was doing the above three, I was on the couch, in my PJ's, snuggled under the blankets watching DVR'd Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Lipstick Jungle. I actually made it through all three of them.
  • He got a haircut without me telling him it was time. (His one weakness is he does not notice things like needing a haircut or that his clothes don't particularly match. Thankfully for him, he has me to rectify those issues when they come up. Which is almost daily.)
  • He's a really nice guy. At times, he is a much better nurturer than I am. He takes more time to tell the kids how he feels about them and how proud he is of them. I need to do that more. He helps out whoever needs it, often at the expense of delaying one of his own home projects.

He does similar things pretty regularly. Not always, but it's not totally unusual. He's a good cook and he doesn't mind cleaning up after dinner, no matter who cooks. He was 31 yrs. old when we got married. He'd been on his own since graduating HS and he bought a house right after graduating college, so he is used to domestic duties and doesn't mind them too much. He doesn't complain about helping me get our house ready for all the nutty parties and get togethers we and/or I have. He doesn't complain about how often I am gone in the evenings either with work or socializing. He lets me decorate the house however I want and will do the work that I can't do to make it happen. His general response to me changing the decor is "ok". (Though he did seem a little irked that I want to get a 12 ft. Christmas tree to put in our foyer so I can have a tree decorated exactly like I want it. My kids and he keep pushing for colored lights on our Christmas tree, which I don't like. A few years ago, I compromised by adding red lights to our white lights. So I thought a really beautiful and tall tree in our foyer might be a good idea. Since this is the first I mentioned it to him, I think I better let the thought ride for a couple of years before I act on this.) He's a really good dad.

Does he have his faults? Oh yeah. He's a noisy sleeper, with all of the puh-ing, snoring and other manly noises made in the dark of night, he won't always argue with me when I want; at times he expects me to communicate in the way HE wants me to communicate not necessarily in the way I DO communicate. At times, he's like Pig Pen from the Peanuts. Everything he touches gets dirty or messy and then it follows him in a cloud of mess. He leaves crumbs on the counter a lot. When I ask him about it, he claims he didn't see them when he was straightening. I don't get that.

So that's my husband. This may be my only "gushy" post I ever write about him. I did save this entry for a Sunday when many blog readers aren't lingering around the blog sites. I realize this entry may not be of much interest, especially to first timers. But he deserves some mention because I wouldn't be here without him.


  1. Looks like you're a lucky woman. Me, too, and I don't ever take that for granted. My husband is a lot like yours, but he does laundry often. Unfortunately, he isn't interested in cleaning the basement.

  2. Wow Kim - what a mushy gushy post but I'm loving it. Probably cause it's Sunday. Of ALL the things you mentioned, the one that is seriously MOST impressive is your man putting all of the decorative pillows back on your bed! And in the right order! My dude despises extra pillows especially if they are you got yourself one special dude!

    P.S. YES! Anytime you want to head to LA for some Santa Monica Pier fun, lemme know! ; -)

  3. you're very luck! I feel like such a mean person, but I just can't write a 'nice post' like this about my husband- he does nothing