Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and my ass

First, welcome Tena, from My Therapy. She's my 2nd official follower! I can only aspire to be as entertaining as she is! Check her out.

Now, onto today's post title. Halloween and my ass are really two different topics, they do not go together, thankfully! Although with all of the Snickers and Baby Ruths in our house, my soon to be fatter ass may be the fault of Halloween.

Here are pictures of the kiddos on Halloween. The other two boys are neighbors. Sous Chef doesn't dress up and will typically help me pass out candy. This year, he stayed inside and waited patiently for the two others to show up with their candy bags. He was not dissapointed!
CJ at his school parade.

I totally forgot to paint CJ's whiskers and nose on!

Hmmm...does this picture look familiar? This is Halloween '07. My kids dressed in the same costumes. It was perfect, since I am sure Big E still had some of that red theater paint from last year crusted behind his ears for this year. Too bad CJ's nose and whiskers didn't stand the test of time. If they had, he would have been better prepared for this year.

Obvsiously, these are not our kids. Though I am sure they are less maintenance.

On Saturday, I went to post some signs for a Holiday Mart my moms group is sponsoring. I'm not really sure how long it's been since it rained, but long enough for the ground to feel like cement. So there I am, out on a main drag, trying to get these signs into the ground so they will actually stand up and not fall over when the next car drives by and shoots a puff of wind in the direction of the sign. I am dressed to go out to dinner with my hubby and friends and I am working up a sweat. At one point, I was actually bent over trying to shove the sign in the ground. I am not really sure why I thought the strength of my hands would work since standing on the sign and jumping up and down wasn't even effective. Anyway, there I am with my ass up in the air facing into the traffic when the cars driving by start honking at me. And my ass. At least I assume it was my ass they were honking for since they weren't honking at me before I bent over.

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  1. awww, how sweet- thank you! That is hilarious that your last year pic looks identical to this year- the kids don't even look a year older!