Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day and .... Christmas?

For me, a presidential election day is like Christmas. I love it, even though the last two elections have not gone my way. I am confident this year it will! I was so excited to get up today knowing I would be going to vote, even if it means I have to stand in line most of the day! Ohio is a battleground!

And honestly, I thought my blog today would be all about voting and it's importance. But IT WON'T BE. Why? Because last night I was driving through my neighborhood when all of a sudden my thoughts for today's blog went blank because my brain cells went totally numb when I saw this:

Come on people, it's November 3! (At least it was yesterday when I saw this.) And this is a tacky plastic replica. Jesus, Mary and Joseph really do deserve a little more respect. All of my Biblical knowledge and teachings resulted in me having a clear understanding that an angel watched over the manger. Look closely in this picture though, and you will see that inacurracy. It's really ... Santa Claus?

And I am sure everyone is aware that St. CJ was also a part of the birth. There, standing right next to his namesake, Joseph!

Yes, CJ's middle name is really the result of my middle name (Jo) and St. Joseph, the patron saint of many causes, but most importantly the patron saint of fathers, families and social justice. Also, patron saint of real estate, so if you are having trouble selling your home, get that St. Joseph statue here and bury it in your flower bed.


  1. Those people should be banned from the neighborhood. At the least, you should sneak over and add a bunch of plastic turkeys and pilgrims next to the sheep.

  2. I can stand stores playing Christmas music the day after Halloween but Christmas decorations this early? Nope!

  3. The last two election days have been painful for me too! I have been so wrapped up in them too and totally get you! I'm getting a good feeling about tonight- OH has gone Obama