Saturday, November 8, 2008

6th Grade Social

Friday night I worked the 6th grade social at Big E's school. This is NOT a dance, I am frequently reminded. And it's not. It is a huge event with lots of different games and activities, along with a raffle, door prizes and lots of junk food. Sometimes I had a hard time keeping up with my duties, which was selling candy, because I was so intrigued by watching all of the kids. (Of course, if you've done any volunteering at all, you know it's IMPOSSIBLE to get fired from that, so I wasn't overly concerned that I was going to be sent home because my line kept getting too long while I people watched.) Some kids look and act so grown up and others still look and act like little kids and there's everything in between. You would think I would be aware of how physical boys are, but my house of three is nothing compared to hundreds of 11-13 year old boys. I don't know how they make it through the day without being bruised, bloodied and toothless from the shoving, jumping on, and punching one another. The girls? All of the stereotypes were represented this evening. It will be interesting to see how they all, boys and girls, turn out.

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