Thursday, October 30, 2008

White shirts

I have so many white shirts. Some are blouse type shirts and many are t-shirts that I wear under a sweater or another T. I am having a problem with them, though. It seems after a couple of "wearings", they get underarm stains. Come on, I don't even sweat (see 1st entry today!). I don't put off any pungent armpit odor, so I just don't know where this comes from. And worse yet, I don't know how to get rid of the stain once it's there. I have tried bleach with no success. I recently started using Oxi Clean, so that might prevent future stains from taking up residence in my shirt pits. But what do I do with the stains I have? Maybe I'll just throw away the stained shirts and keep a fresh, new supply of shirts in my closet.

Any suggestions?


  1. I have the same problem! I can't remember the way to prevent it--something involving baby powder or cornstarch and an iron. I just throw it out after a season and get a new one, fortunately they never go out of style!

  2. I use Shout for my stained stuff, but will be switching to Zout when my supply runs out. A friend of mine uses it and it gets out everything. For my stained whites, I fill the washer about 1/4 full, add a ton of Oxyclean and soak overnight, then wash as usual. Works more often than not. If not, then it's a good excuse for new clothes!

    Oh, and I own exactly 2 white shirts. And I never wear them!

  3. It's your deodorant that is making the stains! Feedback for that company that dishes out all the "free stuff"...(hee hee) make some deo that doesn't stain white shirts! If you are wearing them under other clothes...I wouldn't worry about it. Unless of course if you are like my grandma that always said, "You've gotta have clean underwear on in case you are ever in a car accident"...maybe the same rules apply for white t-shirts too. Wouldn't want anybody that doesn't care about your yellow armpit stains to see them!
    I've had no success at getting the stains out of my white shirts...if you find a secret, please share!