Friday, October 17, 2008

Whatever happened to scarves?

After I posted my first entry today, I drove CJ to school. As I was sitting at a red light, a van went through the intersection. In the passenger seat was an elderly woman who had a scarf on her head to protect her hair (wig?). Not a highly fashionable/trendy kind of scarf, but one of those sheer, polyester scarves I remember from when I was a kid. It was light blue. I remember in the early/mid 70's seeing my mom and every other woman with a big hairdo (not officially a beehive since those were more "60's" style, but it was similar) wear these scarves outside, especially on a breezy day. My mom would also put one over her hair when she got dressed so that when she pulled her shirt over her head it would be less likely to mess up that big hairdo.

Anyway, I saw that woman and thought "Wow, I haven't seen a scarf like that in well over 30 years!"

On the note of hairdos. I recently had a male client in the clinic. I was starting to massage his scalp when he quickly informed me he had on a hairpiece if I felt something that felt weird. Ooohh! It definitely felt weird and I massaged his scalp only long enough to make it look like I wasn't grossed out. Why couldn't he just wear a scarf?

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