Friday, October 10, 2008

Uh oh!

Off the kids went to school today and I sat down to rest a few minutes, when BAM! I remembered Sous Chef has school pictures. I could not remember exactly what he was wearing or what his hair looked like, but I knew the shirt was not a "picture" shirt. In fact, I was pretty sure he was wearing a faded Skyline Chili t-shirt with a character of some sort. I ran upstairs showered and got him a nicer shirt (though nothing fancy!) and ran up to school. His teacher laughed when I walked in because she said as soon as Sous Chef got to school this morning his first comment was "I forgot it was picture day!" He was indeed wearing the Skyline Chili shirt. His hair was fine.

On the note of mistaken clothing, my husband went to work one day this week with two different shoes on his feet. He is not the world's greatest dresser. Like many men, he thinks just because your shirt is green and your pants/tie/shorts are green, it matches. Never mind one is army green and the other is kelly green. So he said he kept thinking his foot was swollen because one shoe was fitting tighter than the other. When he got to work, he realized his shoes were different. Two black shoes do not make a matched set! Thankfully, he has Doc Martin steel toed "dress" shoes at work for when he is in the lab or out in one of the plants and he was able to wear those until he left to come home and work from here.

Dressing appropriately has not been our forte this week.

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