Friday, October 24, 2008

Square peg in a round hole

Why do fast food restaurants make rectangular trays but trash can openings that are round? Do they expect the average consumer (that would be me) to actually manage to get all of the trash from that rectangular tray through the round hole that has a diamater smaller than the tray? The result of this poor design is SOME of my trash goes into the trash can, but the rest of it goes onto the trash can top, and then I have to push it in with my hands. I am so tempted to just leave it piled up around that round hole, but my mild and self diagnosed OCD won't let me do it. There is more than one restaurant guilty of this poor planning. I can only assume they are owned by the same "corporation" with the same idiotic buyers who purchase their "furniture" from the same idiotic designer/manufacturer. Someone needs to tell them to make the diameter of the trash can opening large enough that you can fit the tray in to dump the trash OR make rectangular openings to the trash can. Maybe they fear you will throw the tray away, too? If that's the case, then I am NOT the average consumer, because I would NOT do that. Never. No way.

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  1. This reminds me of eating at a deli with my hubby a couple of months ago. They actually had a sign up above the trash can reminding customer to NOT throw away the tray! Apparently, they don't think very highly of their customers, lol!