Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Proposition K

San Francisco will be voting on Proposition K, which will decriminalize prostitution, which is different than making it legal. And this really isn't a discussion on Propositon K, but more on prostitution. I have spent enough of my younger life in bars to know that if you want to get laid, just strike up a chat with the guy/chick next to you. Then the sex is free. No money exchanged, no laws broken, no need to legalize anything.

My guess though, (and it is only a guess since I have never hired a prostitute, male or otherwise,) is that the benefit of paying for sex, is the guarantee you get what you want the way you want it. If you pick up a one night stand, there are no guarantees because the other person may be more interested in their own big O instead of making sure your needs are met. You might be expected to give instead of receive. Probably not the case if you are the sex for pay consumer.

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  1. Have you heard anything about California's proposition 8? It may take away the rights for same sex marriages. Don't we have enough to worry about? Why do we keep spending our money on time "protecting the sanctity of marriage"? I'm voting no, no, NO!!!