Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Politics continue

I still get a lot of questions about what I think of Sarah Palin. Here it is:

Based on what I have seen so far, I think if I knew her personally, we would get along fine. Though our political views are very different, I can handle that. I don't choose my friends based on political views and I have many friends whose views are different than my own. She seems feisty and has the ability to pull off sarcasm, which I like. She is a little too "cutesy" at times with the winking and the finger waving and the "betchas" type of comments, but I can deal with that, too. If she were a friend of mine, I would just tell her to STOP DOING THAT!

Does it bother me that she was found to have "abused her power" in the governor's office? Yes. Enough that I wouldn't vote for her IF I was going to vote for her? Probably not. But I am NOT going to vote for that ticket, so I guess at this point, it's not really an issue for me. If they win, then maybe I will be a little more concerned about what else she and her husband might do that is "out of bounds". This appears to be a situation where a personal family matter worked its way into how she was performing her job, what decisions she made and how she handled her authority over others. And I do agree that is wrong.

Do I think she is qualified? No. Not because she is "inexperienced". I think any governmental position requires a lot of "on the job training". Though it would be nice if she had at least stepped foot into Congress to see how it works, and maybe she has and I am unaware, but I still don't think it's a requirement. I think she isn't qualified because I am not convinced she is smart - not book smart, not common sense smart, not smart. Don't translate that into I think she is dumb, because I don't think she is that either. I am just not convinced she has the brain power to pull off being second in command of this country, and very possibly, president.

Do I think it's wrong for her to be running for this office with her current family situation - the mom to five, one with Down's Syndrome, one unwed mom to be daughter? NO. NO. NO. Has a man ever been criticized for this? Maybe, but not nearly as often as women and it is WRONG! She will be able to bring Down's Syndrome to national and international attention. She may even be able to afford help/services for this child that she would not be able to do if she's not VP. Her daughter is already pregnant. Staying home now is not going to resolve that. Just because she might be in the office of VP does not mean she won't be able to support her daughter through all of this. And come ON. Maybe Mr. Palin is the type of father who does/can/will provide all of the same benefits as a mom.


  1. Actually, a Governor has better on the job training than a Senator. Senators don't have to balance a budget (but I guess Presidents don't have to either). I guess I should say they have to work with a budget. If you look at the job descriptions, governors are closer to President than Senators.

  2. If that is the case, she has made a mess of the learning experience...In true Bush fashion, she squandered the surplus that existed when she became mayor of Wasilla, leaving them with a debt of over $20 million when she left office. This, despite a regressive tax increase which she promised she would not do...until she did.

    And what challenge is there to balancing a budget in a state with such rich natural resources that there is no need for state income tax, or sales taxes? Okay, so she taxed windfall profits from oil companies (which John McCain says he will never do, and Obama/Biden support)and after dealing with the state budget, gave part of the surplus back to the citizens.

    All well and good for Alaskans, but hardly a strategy that will work for the rest of the country, nor indicative of a real "Learning to Budget" experience.

  3. I have spent the last few days reading though a lot of your recent blog posts. Interesting. I might be wrong with my facts, but as I understand it you are a loving, stay-at-home mother who also seems to have a happy and stable marriage. I applaud you for this. Unfortunately these days, not many people can say the same. The moral values in our country have gotten so bad that divorce and abortions are common place and easy solutions to our daily problems. I can also understand why you are so intimidated by Sarah Palin. She is all of the same things you are, but also has a highly successful career. She has chosen to not only devote her life to her children and her husband, but also has decided to serve her community and country in a greater capacity through holding public office. The demands of her personal life and professional life combined must be difficult for her, but she does it with all of the grace and hard work necessary to make it successful. You on the other hand, have decided to stay at home, blog on the internet all day while your children are probably at school and watch Oprah in the afternoons. This is certainly your choice and I truly don’t fault you for it. Heck, you might even say I’m a little jealous. But, just because another woman is more successful and ambitious than you, you should not hold this against her. I saw your post about her “Alaska Scandal”. I’m sure you recently read that she was found NOT guilty, so I’m sure a new blog stating how wrong you were is coming soon. I look forward to reading it. Let’s face it, Obama has a lot of faults as well. But he is a male and therefore less intimidating for you.