Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old Friends

Really, I should probably say "long time friends" because at the age of 41, we are NOT old. Anyway, I finally started a Facebook page. I know I am way behind the times and I kicked and screamed the whole way. But I did it. And I'm having fun with it. One of my first "friends" on Facebook is a friend from high school. It's rare that we see each other - she went off to U Mass for college and then moved to Florida. Shortly after becoming Facebook friends, she downloaded this photo. The funny thing is, I was talking about this trip at probably the same time she was adding this picture!

1985, New York City. Check out those hair dos! Wow. We went on this trip during our junior year in high school for spring break. It was a blast and I have this same exact picture somewhere (obviously, Donna is much better with her picture organizing than I am!). The girl in the green jacket, Diane, can also be seen in this picture . She's second from the left on the couch.

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