Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neighbors as friends

When we lived in another burb in the area, I had great neighbor friends. We went on weekend trips, had regular playdates, dinners out, etc. etc. Our kids were all about the same ages. I had a "policy" that if my front door was open, anyone was welcome to stop by unannounced. If it was closed, I either wasn't home or wasn't up for visitors.

When we moved to Kansas, I had GREAT friends, but none of them lived within walking distance. We had some neighbors we were friends with, but not the same as what I was used to.

Now we are back in Ohio and I am thankful to have neighbors as friends again. I have a next door neighbor that I can visit at almost any time to just say hi, hang out, have a drink, etc. etc. We have shopped for clothes together and even gone grocery shopping together. Behind her is another neighbor who enjoys hanging out, too. And all of our husbands enjoy hanging together. It's a lot of fun. We hang out frequently on the weekend nights - sometimes on a deck, sometimes in a garage. We recently hung out one evening by the fire pit after having a meal together and chatted away (and drinks, too, of course!). There wasn't much that wasn't discussed. In fact, many of the conversations could have rivaled any "girl talk" that I have ever participated in.

This weekend, the we are all headed to breakfast at a local restaurant. This restaurant is owned by a young husband and wife. They buy as much local and organic products as possible. The menu changes daily, so there are always a few surprises. The other cool part is that it's in a 100 year old house! I have been for lunch a couple of times and am looking forward to trying their breakfast. It's so nice to have a locally owned restaurant that supports local agriculture and serves healthy, fresh food. Especially in a burb that is full of mega-chain restaurants!

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