Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I decided not to ramble on today about my political views or my lawn. Really, what fun is that anyway? Well, actually, just indulge me for a minute. Our lawn is officially officially dead. Check it out. What might not be able to tell, is that it is mostly just dirt - very little dead grass, just NO GRASS. Yeah!

Now on to more important things. Like my BIRTHDAY! Yes, today is my birthday. As of this morning, I am 41 years old. Tomorrow, CJ will be 5 years old. WOW, is all I can say to that.

What am I doing for my birthday? First, I have a doctor's appointment. You may have read here that I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder back in August. So, my follow up appointment is today to see how the meds are working. I think they are working fine. I no longer find myself awake in the middle of the night wondering how to end the Iraq war, what will happen if it continues forever and they reintroduce the draft and my three boys are at risk - will Canada let us in? I don't lie awake at night wondering why people are mean, sexist, violent or racist and how I can fix that. I have not officially withdrawn all of my money from my bank accounts, college funds and 401(k)/retirement plans and buried it all in my back yard during this economy crisis on the verge of serious recession on the verge of a depression. So, all in all, I think I am doing good. I do still lack the amount of patience I would like to have, especially with my husband and kids, so maybe a little higher dose is in order, but hey, I am not a doctor.

I have a PTO board meeting at one of my son's schools. I am on the board of two schools and normally, both meetings are in the same week. However, since the beginning of the month starts in the middle of this week, I only have one meeting and the second meeting is next week. Sounds like a great way to spend one's 41st birthday, yes?

After that there is Mothers & More meeting. We will be discussing bioidentical hormones and how messed up hormone levels really fuck with a woman (and men, but since there are no men in our chapter, we will be discussing women's issues!). It should be interesting. Being that I am always interested in alternative therapies for traditional maladies/conditions/illnesses, I would like to be at this meeting. However, I have not determined I want to be there on my birthday. It'll really just be a "let's see what I want to do when the time comes." I am spontaneous that way. Woo hoo! I really know how to live it up!

And I guess that's all I have. Enjoy the day.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Glad I found your blog. I miss meetings. Kid stuff has been in conflict for years. Hope you have a great day!