Sunday, October 19, 2008

It went well.

My oldest brother and his wife came to dinner last night. I know he is a picky eater and I couldn't decide what to cook and the more I thought about it the more exhausted I became. That can only mean one thing: we went out to dinner. It was an enjoyable evening, no heavy discussions and quite a few laughs. The hard part is explaining to my kids why we don't see them when we visit my parents and why they don't see my parents. Motorcycle Guy said my sister-in-law reminds him of my mom. I summed that up with "and there lies the problem." I would never say that to either of them since there is quite a bit of tension between them, but their personalities are so very much alike and I think that is one of the reasons they have a hard time getting along.

On a funny note, CJ was playing with a new toy he got at his birthday party. It's called a Zoom-O Disc Launcher (which I recommend for boys of all ages!). Well, he held it up close to his face and launched the propeller and it hit him right in the nose, causing a small, bleeding scratch on the tip of his nose. He said he was fine and then went to the bathroom. When he came out, he looked like this:

Yes, he put that band-aid on his nose. He came walking into the family room with a great big smile. Needless to say, all of us started cracking up.

This is what the Zoom-O Disc Launcher looks like.

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