Friday, October 31, 2008

I was stunned.

My kids, for whatever reason, keep saying they are "voting" for John McCain. Needless to say, their "views" are not supported by the two adults in this house. I have many theories as to why this is so - the majority of the kids at school are hearing their parents talk about John McCain and/or have signs and other campaign stuff around the house and are therefore also "supporting" McCain/Palin and my kids don't want to be in the minority. I am going to have to work on that. Not in relation to this campaign so much but letting them know it's ok to stand alone when it's the right thing to do. Like my dad, McCain has white hair, giving him that grandfatherly appeal. I think CJ is saying it because his brothers are. CJ is the only one who has a "reason" and that is "because he has white hair" which supports one of my theories.

Yesterday, Sous Chef finally said he had a reason he didn't want Obama to be president but he just couldn't say it out loud. My stomach dropped because I had an idea of what was coming and that I was NOT going to like it.

Sous Chef: "Remember when Martin Luther King, Jr. was trying to get rights for black people and stop all that stuff that was happening to them?"
Me: "Yes."
Sous Chef: "Well what if Barack Obama becomes president and he's mad that that happened and that Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed? And then he does the same thing to us because he's mad?"
Me: My first thought was "MOM!" and that my mother was instilling her racist/bigoted/prejudice beliefs onto my children. So I asked: "Did someone tell you they thought that would happen?"
Sous Chef: "No it's just a theory I thought of. I'm sure it would never happen, but what if?"

I then repeatedly told him this would not happen and went through all of the reasons why. I was shocked and am still not convinced he didn't hear this from someone else. Or maybe this is the result of having a gifted ed child who thinks a lot about the big stuff. I don't know, but I wanted to get sick and I honestly had to fight back a couple of tears. I can only assume he was afraid to mention it because he knew what my answers would be and that I would shoot down his theory since we have always shared our family values regarding races, ethnicity, religions, cultures, gender orientation. I hope I made it clear to him about how his theory would not become reality and reiterated what our family values are on diversity and acceptance. OH MY GOD, I hope I made it clear to him.

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  1. The sad thing is that there are adults who think that!