Monday, October 27, 2008

I suck!

I totally suck at notes - any kind of greeting card (with the exception of Christmas), thank you note and any other type of "note" that requires advance planning. My youngest son's birthday party invites did not go out until a week before his party. I had wanted to get them out about two weeks ahead of time. I still have not finished the thank you notes, though I am working on that right now. If I weren't taking a break to write in my blog, I'd probably be finished. My oldest son had a birthday party in May and he wrote his thank you notes in August. They are still sitting on my desk. What is the grace period for a thank you note for an 11 year old? My godson's gift was over a month late. His mom, my best friend, never did receive a birthday card from me. We celebrated my mom's birthday on Saturday and I had my kids making her birthday card about five minutes before we were supposed to leave our house. Every year I say I will do better. And every year I continue to suck. I give up. I am just going to tell everyone I know that I suck at this and apologize in advance. If you are reading this blog and have fell victim to my pathetic ineptitude with cards and other Hallmark acknowledgement, here it is: I am sorry. This apology does not expire.


  1. That sounds like me--often I'll get a birthday card and it will sit and sit and sit on the desk until it's too late. Then I'll buy a belated birthday card and it to will sit and sit and sit...

  2. I agree, I am aweful as well. I had high hopes of getting you a card in the mail this year (I was going to surprize you that I remembered), and low and behold, i don't even think I managed an email that day. So I too apoligize, but you were in my thoughts. :):):):):):):):):)

  3. Blogging Under the InfluenceOctober 30, 2008 at 7:18 PM

    I would like to state that while my best friend did not get a card from me, I did NOT forget her birthday. I did call her in the evening to see how her day went and to send well wishes. Never mind that I waited a little too late and she was already in bed for the evening!