Thursday, October 2, 2008

Five years ago

I can't believe it was five years ago that CJ was born! I can't believe my YOUNGEST CHILD is five years old. He is so cute.

Here he is opening his presents this morning at 6:45 AM!

He still says really funny things. He has been getting in bed with Motorcycle Guy and I more often than not. The other night I was rocking him before bed (this does not happen very often and I LOVE to do it!) and I told him I thought he should stay in his bed the entire night. He didn't understand why. I explained even though my bed is really big, it was hard to sleep with three people in it.

He said, "I will just sleep in the middle." This is where he does sleep when he climbs in.
I said, "Why do you want to sleep in the middle of us instead of in your own bed?"
He said, "Because I like touching you."

Indeed he does. The entire time he is in bed with us, he either has his foot on me or laying in my hand if I have my hand by my side or he will hold on to my arm.

Yesterday, he asked, "What time are we going bowling tomorrow?"
I told him we were not going bowling.
He said, "You said we were going bowling for my birthday."
I explained to him we are going bowling for his b-day party with his friends, but not until next week, when the bowling alley is available.
His response? "But my birthday is tomorrow."
I continued to explain to him that the bowling alley was not available on his birthday plus we needed to go on a non-school day so his friends could be there.
His response? "But that makes no sense. My birthday is tomorrow."

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