Monday, October 20, 2008

Dog strollers

When I started this blog over a year ago, I never EVER, EVER thought I would be writing about dog strollers. WTF is up with these? Aren't dogs supposed to love to run, jump, play and be on a leash walking WITH their owner(s), not being pushed in a stroller? Specifically made for a dog? What has this world come to when a dog has it's own special stroller to go for a "walk" with its owner? If you have a dog that is incapable of walking, I guess MAYBE I can see the need. Although leaving them put in the house or putting them out on the back deck for a little sunbathing will probably do the trick and then you can go out for your walk sans dog. These people look like total idiot's when pushing their dog IN A STROLLER down the street.

Has anyone else seen these ridiculous contraptions? If you haven't, click here. I am laughing too hard to even copy a picture and put in this post. Now I know not only do dog strollers exist, but cat strollers, too. And double strollers for cats and dogs for the pet lover who has more than one pet who is neurotic enough to push their animals in a stroller. There's even one that is a Pet Travel System with a stroller, carrier, and a CAR SEAT. Now I have seen it all.

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  1. All I can say is "why didn't I think of the that?" I could be rich!!! I can see if you have a really old dog that has enjoyed walks for a lot of years, and now can't. But why not just an old baby stroller from a garage sale? If you are to that point, you probably won't need it long anyway. Anyway, it is still really funny, cuz my MIL will be one of these people sooner than later. She has a Pomaranian and puts it in a basket on her bike like Toto :)