Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I entered the blogosphere a little over a year ago. I originally started my blog as a way for me to keep a journal of sorts and also to share what was going on with me with long distance friends. I had made a move from Kansas to Ohio and my best friend moved from Ohio to Delaware (and now moving onto Guam!) and it was an easy way for them to check in if/when they wanted. As time has gone on, though, it really has become a place for my random thoughts, venting, sharing tidbits of nonsense and more. I have never shared my blog with my family members (with the exception of my husband). I don't ever plan to! How on earth can I talk/vent/make fun about them if I know they are going to read it? As it turns out, I've not really done that here, but I have definitely talked about things that I do NOT need them reading about. Either they don't need to know it or we don't need to rehash anything from the past or stir up any more political fights, oops, I mean DISCUSSIONS. Plus my mom would shit her pants if she saw I typed f-u-c-k. (She would be totally ok with s-h-i-t.)

Anyway, over this year +, I have acquired several people who read my blog daily - from multiple US cities and three countries. Some of these people I have never met and don't expect I ever will. Some just visit once and then don't return. People have found my site via search engines, using key words for: chiari malformtion, cancer, yankee candle, facebook photo and more. If you know anyone who might enjoy this blog, I encourage (and would love it) if you share it with them.

I would also like to acknowledge my first public follower - Ali from Home of the Lazy Dog. I like her - she leaves me comments! I follow several blogs, that you can see listed to the left and close to the bottom, of this entry page. They are all unique in their own way and I frequently get a chuckle from reading them. Check them out! And feel free to leave me a comment! (I'm not too proud to beg.)

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  1. Woo hoo--thanks for the shout out Kim! I think we started blogging about the same time and for the exact same reasons:)