Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big red spot

You would think after almost 15 years of marriage, my husband would know NOT to say: "You have a big red spot on your face." Since it is not normal for me to walk around with a big red spot on my face, it can only mean one of two things - I have splashed some sort of food product on my face or I have a zit. Considering the majority of the time he points out the "big red spot on my face" we have NOT just consumed a meal with our bare hands and no napkins, you can pretty much rule out the food substance. Why does he point out my blemishes? They are few and far between, so maybe it's the "shock" of seeing something unusual on my face. Today, he pointed out the "big red spot" on my cheek, just below where the dark circles under my eyes end. He must be used to those, because he hasn't mentioned them since the last time he asked me how I got a black eye.

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