Thursday, September 4, 2008


If there were any concerns about Gov. Sarah Palin, then those who watched her speak last night must be feeling pretty damn good today. She was awesome. I am not saying this in relation to her political views or what she said in her speech. However, as a speaker, she was wonderful. She supported her family, she was energetic, she was funny (sarcastic) and I think she made it clear what kind of woman and VP candidate she is. I take the speeches with a grain of salt, no matter who is giving them, because it is often a lot of "preaching to the choir" and telling the audience what they want to hear. However, as someone who enjoys public speaking and has a degree in Communication Arts, her presentation was just perfect. I have said before, at this point my mind is made up for the election. That doesn't mean if my candidate of choice screws up royally, I won't change my mind. And I have to say, IF I need to change my mind, it's good to know there will be someone capable of presenting a speech in a coherent manner, such as Gov. Sarah Palin, on the "other" ticket.

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