Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The main reason I volunteered to be on the PTO Boards (yes, plural. I didn't really think when I threw my name in the hat at each school that I would get BOTH positions!), was so I could get to know some of the administrators. In the event I would ever need to be in their offices to address any issues with my children, I did not want that to be the first time I met them. With our schools having the population like they do, it's hard to get to know, or even recognize, who the administrators are. Big E's shool has one principal, one associate principal and three assistant principals. Sous Chef's school has one principal and two assistant principals, which is a lot more "manageable".

Well, I was at Big E's school on Friday to volunteer. I passed the associate principal, actually recognized him and surprisingly enough, he recognized me. After all, we had just been in an hour and a half meeting together two days before. He stopped, said hi, chatted for a moment. In the past, I would not have known who he was and I would have gotten a courtesy "hello" from him. This is why I continue to volunteer as much as possible - in the schools, in my moms group, in community events. To get involved, to get to know people - for me and for the benefit of my kids/family; to be a good role model for my children.

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