Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We have succesfully killed the lawn. Here are some more pictures. The first two are prior to thatching. The next ones are after Motorcycle Guy thatched the lawn. Unfortunately, during his 2nd "pass" across the lawn, the thatcher broke. He will be finishing up that project this evening, assuming it doesn't rain anymore. He also trimmed all of the bushes and plants. It looks better, though a little "bare" where some of the smaller plants were trimmed back. I think I may go get some mums to add some color.

These first two pictures were taken on Sept. 28.

If you look VERY CLOSELY in this photo, you will see CJ and Motorcycle Guy looking out each of the windows on either side of the front door.
This picture was taken on September 30. The grass actually looks "healthier" than it is because it rained last night and darkened the "straw effect" it has when it's dry.

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