Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some days I want to crawl out of my skin

Yesterday was one of those days! I really didn't talk to anyone other than a child all day long. I was bored, didn't want to read anymore, my house was clean [enough] and I thought I was going to go nuts. Thank goodness for my neighbor. We like to sit out on the driveway and chat. I looked out the window and saw her husband cutting grass, so I went over to her house. She was just thinking about coming to get me to go get some ice cream. As it turned out, I had two gallons in my freezer and some cones, so we made ice cream cones for us and the kids and I stayed outside chatting with her and then her husband, too, until almost 9:30. I felt much better when I came back inside.

On a totally different note, we got word that our school district was recently ranked fourth in the state. Of the top 10 schools, our district educates the most students and spends an average of $1,900 less per student than the other top ten schools. Other schools in our area that ranked in the top 10 were Wyoming (3), Indian Hill (5), Sycamore (8), Oakwood (9) and Madeira (10).

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