Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mom's Night Out

Once a month, I go out to dinner with some of the women from my mom's group, Mothers & More. This past week, we went to Relish Modern Tapas. It was quite yummy, but we were the only people there that night and we fear it may not stay open. I hope it does. Being in the suburbs sometimes lends itself to being overrun by chain businesses and it's nice to see a local business be successful. I have heard they are quite busy during lunch and the weekends. We were there on a Thursday evening, so I hope that was the reason for the low attendance. If you go, I highly suggest the potato spheres. I won't even go into the conversations that took place that evening. It is probably a good thing there weren't many people there or they may have run screaming from the building or covered their children's ears.

Here we are enjoying the evening. That's me third from the front in the red, strappy dress.

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