Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I would have never guessed living in Ohio I would be talking about the hurricane that "hit" Ohio. I did experience a hurricane one other time. In Florida. Where you are supposed to experience hurricanes. Anyway, on Sunday, we had 75 mph winds as Ike made it's way across America. We have been informed by the news people 75 mph winds are a Category 1 hurricane when in hurricane territory. I sat outside on my neighbor's deck and we watched debris fly by. It was so cool. It would get really quiet. And then you could hear the rumble of the wind off in the distance and we could see the trees start blowing in the distance. And then it would hit us in the face and blow everything around us. We kept laughing. We also kept saying we hoped a pencil didn't come flying through the air and stab one of us in the heart. Then, the backyard neighbor's trampoline took launch, up and over a large redwood playset and flying at us. I am not sure how we got into the house we were laughing so hard, but we made it and decided sitting in the garage was probably safer. We watched the shingles fly off their house and another neighbor's house and our across the street neighbors lost two shutters. I have driven through our neighborhood and the suburb we live in only to see our direct neighbor's got off easy. And we got off really easy. No damage to our house.

Some of the more eery things that are happening around us are the long, long lines for gas. Many of the stations have no power and therefore cannot pump the gas. The result is that those stations that have gas have long lines. And they are running out of gas. Many of the gas stations have brown paper bags over their pump handles indicating they have no gas. We cannot get ice anywhere! I have stopped at so many places to buy ice, just to see a sign on the freezer or the front window saying "no ice." Motorcycle Guy finally got some last night on his way home from work. Then our electricity came on, but we are hanging onto the ice as long as possible in case the electricity goes off in the process of them trying to get everyone else hooked up again.

Oh yeah, and our electricity just came back on. FIFTY TWO hours without power and 100s of thousands still without power, probably through the weekend. Many of our energy workers are in Texas to help out there, so we are short of workers! The governor has declared a state of emergency, so we have been able to get volunteer workers from other states. They arrived this morning and I think things will move a little more quickly now.

We have been eating with two neighbor families trying to eat up what we could before we either threw it out or moved it to a friend or family members freezer. My parents, in Dayton, were also without power, but only for about 28 hours. Schools everywhere are closed due to no electricity or power lines and trees blocking roads. It's crazy.

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